Any tips on not going crazy waiting for an overdue baby!?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well.

I'm now 40+3 and going insane!! The past 3 weeks have gone so slowly and everyday all I can think about is every little twinge which I wouldn't normally even noticed.

I've tried everything I can think of to bring on my labour but baby is obviously waiting for Christmas!

If anyone has been in a similar situation or has any tips for not going crazy it would be very much appreciated!

40+3 xxxxxx


  • Hi
    My son was over 41 weeks but the thing that did the trick was raspberry tea. Good luck hun, i hope my little girl due in June isnt as bad as her brother lol.
  • its cos us march mummies are a greedy month and are trying to get you over into march te he.
    did you go for acupunture in the end? your belly is obviously far to comfy and plus it is horrible cold weather out there
  • My first baby was 10 days overdue but I had a strong feeling that she would be late. I tried to keep busy and went out as much as I felt able- I took my 2 little brothers to the park when I was a week overdue and tried to go for a walk every day. I also went mad on doing housework and sorting baby things out.

    I know this sounds a bit mad but I altered my due date (in my head) by adding 2 weeks on as I knew I would defo have my baby in that time or be induced. It just took the pressure of thinking I'm so many days late away.

    I tried lots of things to kick start labour but don't really think any of them worked!

    Good luck and hope your babe decides to get a move on.


  • Thats a good idea lea77! I might change my due date on this site to 7th March as i'll be 14 days over then and will be induced. It will be better than seeing that my baby is now 3 days old!!!

    I really think i'll be joining the March club ricechristy! I hope you have space for me! I have researched accupressure on the net and tried doing it but i was probably doing it all wrong!

    I've been taking raspberry leaf tablets too but have run out now, I only had a bottle of 20. If the sweep doesn't do much tomorrow then I might by another bottle!

    I want some pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx
  • My friend went over by 3 days & as we've been talking about my impeding arrival of late she was giving me hints & tips on bringing on the labour (although I may be being induced early so it's irrelevant now!).
    Sorry if TMI & she'd kill me if she knew I was telling people this but she said she had read about stimulating the nipples & so the evening she went into labour she had a bath & lathered herself in cream especially around the nipple area. Just a few hours later her waters broke & the next evening her daughter was born so it might be worth a try lol!
    Lauren (35+1)
  • My advise is to try not to think about it, go about ur usual business (shopping, walking, cleaning, wateva it may be) and try not to think about it. With my son i was 10days over and every day after 40wks i cried my eyes out just wishing the baby to come. I think i stressed myself out more, which then in turn stopped me fron going into labour (thats my theory anyway) Sorry if its not very useful just think these babies will come wen theyre gud and ready! (Lil buggas, ha ha ha). Kerry xxxx
  • Hi! I'm 3 days off due date, but already feel overdue cos I had my first baby at 37+2 wks, so I was kind of expecting to have this baby early as well. I feel huge this time round and very uncomfortable. XXX
  • hello

    How about hot currry and sex? or even hot sex and a curry?
    Been said a few times to me If you try it let us know if it works??

    best of luckxxx
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