one bedroom!

is a one bedroom flat/house ok at first? and when should you consider moving into a two bed place?


  • my aunty has an 18 month old and they are still in the same bedroom. i think you will just know when you are ready to move.
  • i started off in a 1 bed place and it wasnt easy. When i found that out i started looking for a 2 bed straight away.
    But it does depend how big ur bedroom is, mine was tiny and couldnt wait for the extra space. plus i wished i could have put my LO in his own room sooner as i found the longer i left it the more difficult it was to get him to sleep in his own room and ended putting him in bed with me for a easy life, it then took ages 2 get him out my bed!! So this time round i am putting LO in her own room when she gets 2 big for moses basket.
    But every child is different and this may not be the case for u. hope this helps xx
  • so she has a 1 bed and a 18month old? doesnt the midwife think this is a problem?
  • no she has 3 bedrooms but her lo is still in her room. i will be honest and say she wished she put her in her own room sooner as now it is really difficult to do. xxx
  • I think I've read that it's a good idea to keep the baby in a cot or moses basket in your room for about the first 6 months. After that, it's up to you really when you want to move them into their own room.
  • Hiya me and my partner live in a small one bedroom flat-basically cant afford to move out so we dont have a choice,
    baby is going to have to share with us until we can find somewhere we can afford.
    on the plus side weve not spent as much money on the baby as we dont have the room for it!!
    the health visitor came round today to do an antenatel visit and she never mentioned anything about it being a one bed place
    lou 33+5
  • Me and OH live in a one bedroom flat aswell because we just can't afford to move. If we still can't afford to move in another 2 years, then me and OH will buy a sofa bed for the living room and sleep in there. Technically, it'll be LO's bedroom but we'll keep our clothes in there. My parents did it for me and it was no hassle to them.
  • Well I already have two kids and a 3 bedroom house so I will have baby in our room till atleast 18 months so baby does not disturb the one they are bunked in with in the night and both my kids were only waking once in the night tops by 18 months. I doubt it will be a problem and we intend on building onto our house in 2 or 3 years anyway so that the kids do have seperate rooms but I don't want to rush into such a big financial investment and get ourselves in trouble so I am going to bide my time.
  • We have a one bedroomed cottage and are currently figuring out how we are going to fit a cot in our room!! We are lucky, I have a good job and we can afford to move, we are waiting to build but I totally believe we're so materialistic these days, I think whats important is that you can feed cloth and love your baby, it doesnt matter how big your house is.

    My grandmother was born in my cottage and there were 5 of them!!!
  • Well there are these corner cots I have seen that are made to fit into a corner of the room.

    Just scroll down the page here and you will see it.
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