could i get sacked?? :/?


i'm starting to worry about more and more each day i feel!! anyway..,..

i only started a new job 3 weeks ago, i had the interview 2months ago, and it was after the interview i found out i was pregnant... i took the job, and now i'm starting to worry that they can sack me on being pregnant???
do i tell them now, or wait a while and "pretend" to find out later??

my first scan is 3 weeks image xxx


  • Heya, an employer isn't supposed to sack you for being pg, but it happened to me. I am in the process of suing lol.

    You don't have any obligation to tell your employer you are pg until 15 weeks before baby is due. Its up to you what you do, but if you are in a trial period, then I would at least wait until that is over to inform them, just in case.

  • Not at all! I am in a simular situation, I have been made redundant last day is the 30th April - got to get another job before then and before bump starts to show (11 weeks on Friday), they cannot discriminate against you for being pregnant, I will be in the same situation if I luckily find a job to start in May as I will start to show and can only pretend to be 'fat' for a little while!
    You only have to tell an employer by law 15 weeks before your due date but obviously you may have quite a bump by then!
    I would wait until after your first scan and then if you still want to let them know have a chat with your manager and all you need to do is inform them that you are expecting and that they they need to do the risk assessment at work.
    Hope this helps?

  • Hey

    An employer by law is not allowed to sack you for being pregnant but sadly it doesn't stop them trying. I was sacked first time round and took to tribunal (well worth it so hang in there Steph!) but they told me the reason I was being sacked was because I had bad references. I knew they were lying, I've never had a bad reference I asked to see them and they refused! all of this happened when I had just finished my training and just got past 12 weeks. They sacked me the day after I told them.

    I hate to say it but I would cover all angles but remember the law is on your side and is a huge advantage. Don't worry but my advise would be to tell them. If you haven't told them and they sack you you haven't got a leg to stand on because they will claim "they didn't know you were pregnant"

    The down sides to not telling them is if you suffer with morning sickness they will pick up on it, you will be endlessly worrying about people finding out, you might struggle to get time off when you have appointments (again by law they have to give you paid time off for appointments).

    Hate to say it but if they are the type of company that will sack you they will do it at any stage. Just remember if they do sack you def take them to tribunal you won't have to worry about money throughout your pregnancy!!!

    Best of Luck! Hope this helps :\)
    Please remember it's your desicion and do what is best for you!
  • hi
    i knew i was pg when i sarted my job and i left it till after my first scan (11w) till i told my boss, she was more angry that i had kept it from her and has been great since, i was realy worried id get saced for it as tbh im not able to fill my job roll anymore (care/support worker)
    good luck in what ever you deside, xxx

  • hi - i start a new job on monday and am worrying about when to tell my new employer

    i found out after i'd applied but before going for interview; but at the end of the day i was made redundant and i have to work so whilst i feel a bit mean turning up 8 weeks pregnant it's just how things work out.

    so far they seem really nice so i'm hoping they will be fine - and i've not had any sickness and no weight gain so far so hoping i can hang it out for a few weeks

    good luck
  • thank you all for your kind supportive words!!! xx
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