Worried about job!

I started a new job last week and have just found out i am pregnant, i only work 1 day a week with some overtime, i'm not entitled to maternity pay obviously but think i could get MA!

I just think he isn't going to keep me on when i tell him, and theres nothing i can do as i am on 3 month probabtion! He is such a lovely guy that i don't think he would do it but then from a bosses point of view he is gonna look after himself really isn't he!!

Really can't afford me not to work but then not sure how we will manage me going back to work and leaving my lil boy and a baby!

Bit of a moan sorry, sometimes it helps to write it down! can't talk to hubby as he is so stressed about it already one of us has to keep calm LOL


  • grr thats a bummer hun. im sure everything work out for best in the end x x good luck x
  • I agree with SB, you don't have to tell him until after your probationary period has ended xx
  • I would'nt say anything either,
    at the end of the day you may feel loyalty to your new boss buy you have your own family to think about.
    Its each for their own xxx
  • It certainly is each for their own! Dismissing you because you're pregnant is a selfish and despicable thing to do, so you have to be selfish too. You're under no obligation to tell him, so don't until you have to.

    Good luck hun - I've had some issues with work recently and I phoned ACAS today to clarify my rights and ask for advice. They were lovely and really helpful - give them a call.

    B x
  • Yeah was considering not telling him but i will be 4 months by the time probabtion is up and last time i started showing very early- at about 2 months and think it may look worse if i was trying to hide it from him! so difficult, i'm far too honest for my own good sometimes!! thanks for the advice xx
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