Advice on Sterilisers Please


I need some help on Sterilisers please. I am looking to buy a steriliser that can hold bottles and a breast pump.

I am thinking of using the tommee Tippee closure to nature bottles and a Medula breast pump. I am hoping to Breastfeed but also express alittle too (who knows if it will work out that way though!). But i do need a steriliser that can hold both the bottles and a breast pump too.

Was thinking about the Tommee Tippee sterilser ( electronic steam). Any one know if i can use it for both ? Or of any alternatives that are good ?

Any advice would be helpful.

Many Thanks,


  • Hiya

    I bought the Tommee Tippee steriliser from mothercare. Heard good things about it and it had ??10 off hehe

    But im not sure about using it for both so would be quite interested to find out

  • I've used the tomme tippee one for a Medela pump and it fits fine. The little tommee tippee microwave one is good if you are just doing the pump as well.
  • HI, I have the tommee tippee electric one which is great, and my mum has the microwave one for when we stay with her. I have to say if I was buying again I would probably just get the microwave one because it is just as good, plus it can be used as a cold water steriliser if you have a power cut!

    All depends on how many bottles you need at once, but if you are planning on bf then the microwave one should be enough.

    Keep your eyes open at Tesco as I got my electric one from them for ??20 (an offer a while ago) and the microwave one from them for ??9.99! x
  • Hi Guys,

    Thank you all so much, its nice to know i can fit it in, and the alternatives on sterilising the breast pump.

    I was hoping to Breast feed exclusively but just use the Breast pump to try and get my body used to producing more milk (thinking it for the baby).

    Bedhead did you use the Medula electris small one -or the larger BP.

    Thanks All once again, theres nothing like first hand experience - esp to a newbie like me ! xx
  • I had the Medula swing. I didn't actually use it for long, I bought it when Millie decided to stop feeding at 10 1/2 months to try and keep my supply up but as she wouldn't drink the expressed milk either I didn't bother for long. It was really good though, I got a lot more milk with a lot less effort than the manual one (tommee tippee) I had before.
  • Ah Great- thats the mini one isnt it ?

    Thats the one im thinking of going for . i see it did give you more milk which is good.

    I hear babies have a growth spurt at about 6 weeks and if you just feed normally your body may not produce enough so i hope the pump will trick the body alittle. i know not much go's to plan but still - you have got to have some kind of plan!

    Thanks so much xx
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