Silver cross 3d pram.


Was just wondering if anyone has this pram and what they think of it. We went to have a look today and I love it but need to know if it's really any good as have heard a couple of bad things about it.



  • not much help i'm afraid but just though i'd say that this is the pram were are planning on getting as they seem to be just what were looking for, there is lot of people told me that silver cross do great prams ect and they come with a good warranty so any problems should be easy to get sorted

  • Hi I've got the silvercross sleepover deluxe which is basically the same. Mines in Apollo and I love it.
  • i have the sleepover deluxe too! mine is in marina. its gorgeous

  • Cool, so it sounds good then!! I am going to get it in pistacio too, its lovely!! I tested it all out today and wanted to see how much I could do without getting help lol. I changed it from pram to pushchair really easily, put the raincover and full foot muff on and folded it without any probs so was happy with that! I only asked for help to get the carseat on and once I was shown felt like an idiot as thats easy too!
    Thanks for replies girls!
  • oooh a buggy buddy! Are you getting a moses basket too kel or just using the carrycot?
  • Hi,

    I have had the 3d for 14 months now and it has been great. The only thing I wish we had thought about is pushing it whilst holding a toddlers hand/reins. No 2 is on the way and the pram is difficult to push with one hand my lo will be 21 months and will still need her hand holding. We aren't sure if we will buy a phil and teds if we think she still needs to go in a buggy.
  • carlybarley, we are having a crib in our room, think im gonna leave the stand at my mums so we can use that there. what you doing? cant wait to use it!!

  • Yeah I did think the pram bit was quite low, and baby is not as high and close to me as I would like, but it doesn't really make a difference so not too worried. I have a little girl who will be 4 in July so doesn't always need her hand held but I do like to on main roads. I was thinking about getting a buggy board to use for the first year until she is 5 and a bit more grown up. Do you think she is too old for one? I am thinking mainly of the school run and shopping trips when she gets tired.
  • Have got 3d in pistachio. Am impressed with it although find hard to steer with one hand if other hand full! And apron press studs on our pram are a bit tedious to clip onto the hood. I would rec it tho - pram very comfy for baby - nice liner.
  • I have this pram for the last 8 months and it has been great and I have had no problems at all with it and would def recommend it. I have the pistachio one and love it. Bear in mind though that if you have a big baby they won't be in the carry cot part long. Kara was a prem baby and was small so I got use out of it but I have heard others saying that they didn't as their babies were quite big.
  • Cant wait to use mine either! We're having a swinging crib in baby's room but not really got a plan yet. I think we'll use the stand at my in laws house and buy a moses basket to have just around the house but really not sure what to do! We might just keep the stand at home and use it instead of a moses basket because a moses basket is another expense.
    The good thing about the carrycot part on the sleepover deluxe is that it extends!
  • Hi the 3d is a lovely pushchair, i did consider it when expecting my 5th baby but im really glad i didnt get it as it would have been too small! My lo weighed 11lb 4ozs at birth, i bought a pushchair very similar to the 3d but it came with a seperate carrycot which was much longer than the 3d. Its just something that you dont think about till your using it. xx
  • My first daughter was only 6lb 10oz when born and I am not carrying any bigger this time so don't think she will be over 7lb. Hopefully the cot part will last a while, as long as I get some use out of it I don't mind. I've just got home and seen that the girl across the road who had a baby a couple of weeks ago has the exact one I'm gonna get lol. If we end up being baby buddies we will have matching prams
  • I've got the 3d in pistachio and I love it! I bought mine off ebay from a factory store, it was sealed in the box and had all the plastic covers on it and everything and it was only ??100. It came with the raincover and everything else except for the changing bag and the car seat which I will buy in John Lewis or something. I can't remember the name of the seller now but if anyone wants it email me and I'll let you know.

    I think the cot bit looks really cosy and love that the baby will be strapped in, I also like the carry handle and the fact that it can standalone when folded.

    I haven't heard anything bad about Silver Cross prams yet



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