anyone got a phobia of lifts?

i ask becasue this is my main concern about going into hospital!!

it scares me more than labour that i might need to go in a lift at some point in my hospital stay.

there are only 3 floors in the maternity dept and last time i managed to not need a c-sec or epidural, so luckily i could use the stairs to get to my ward etc after the birth.

everyone thinks im silly cause i should just be so relieved that the labour is over and not care that i need to go in a lift but they dont understand. others also think im mad cause i specifically said i didnt want an epidural last time so i could walk afterwards, and i have said the same for this time.

i know that is all ill be worrying about all thru the labour again, does anyone have the same fear, it would be good to speak to someone else who feels the same.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • I don't think you're silly, phobias are a genuine thing...My OH also scared of lifts though he wouldn't admit he is scared lol, he just won't go in them. As in ever, even when we were on the 3rd floor apartment on holiday and we had loads of luggage lol.

    After a natural birth with no epi with your first, you'll probably do fine for your 2nd!

    Is there a delivery room on the ground floor? Maybe you could ask to use this one if it was available? xxx

  • Hi, i also have a phobia of lifts. I hate them and avoid at all costs. When i had my ds last june my main fear was having to use the lift upto the delivery suite if i was induced. Luckily wasnt induced but as my contractions were so bad and I also had bad spd i did manage to get in one but i had to close my eyes and hold my partners hand until we reached the right floor. Luckily this time around they have moved the delivery suite and postnatal ward to the ground floor as they are having the upstairs refitted and this wont be completed til the begining of sept and im due 22nd july.
  • Yeah I agree with Tiger Lily-your not silly at all, I dont mind lifts but I have a genuine fear of feet (yes I know that does sound stupid) but I cant stand other peoples feet anywhere near me.
    I am getting slightly better, I can look at them, but I freak out if oh goes anywhere near me with his feet.

    Im sure if you managed with your first you should be fine with this one, like tiger lily suggested ask if you can use a ground floor room if ones available-if not just explain to the staff that you'd prefer to be able to use the stairs if possible;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Hi hun, i know exactly how you feel. I also hate lifts and my maternity suite is on the third floor!! Luckily when i had my son i walked up the stairs. Thankfully once you get up there everything is on one floor. I feel so sorry for you because i know how it feels to have such an intense fear! I must admit my phobia isnt as bad as yours, it used to be really bad but since having my son i have been in a few lifts,because of his pram and although i dont feel happy about being in one i can cope going up a level (just!!)

    Can you not talk to someone about this?
  • thanks everyone, i told my midwife about it last time and she wrote it on my notes, the labour ward is on 1st floor, and the midwife unit( birthing pools etc) are on 3rd floor whereas the wards where you sleep afterwards are on the 2nd floor. so no matter if i have my baby in labour ward (consultant led) or midwife unit i still have to go up or down one floor afterwards to stay in the wards. i also have group b strep so can no longer have the home birth i wanted (partly casue then id not have the worry of a lift).

    having the baby on the ground floor wouldnt help either cause id still need to get to wards on second floor after the birth (i need to stay in 48hrs cause of GBS).

    i have an appointment at the midwife unit tomoro (and will be taking stairs!! even altho im getting really bad with spd now bt it is barable. i am going to ask her what would happen if we got stuck in a loft (just incase i do need to go in one) and i think if i know there is some guy sitting about waiting to help those who get stuck in the lift ill feel a bit better, i just hate the thought of being stuck, but i thikn if i could understand what would happen better i might be able to prepare myself incase i need an emergency c-sec or something (normal people would be more worried about the baby!).

    last time i got induced with gel on the 2nd floor and when i was
    5 cm walked down one floor to labour ward, and then back up one florr after the birth. i guess no matter what happens itll only be one floor. its so hard for me to be excited saboutt he baby becasue my fear is taking over.

    speackle i still wouldnt go in a lift with my pram!! if i wentt o a shopping centre or whatever i just stay on ground floor LOL silly i know but its how i cope x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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