I'm new on here and I've just found out at the weekend that I'm pregnant!!!!!
I went to the doctor's today to confirm everything and get the ball rolling but the new doctor didn't leave me with much confidence.. she took down all my details of my dates and we worked out I'm 5 +3 weeks.
she told me that I need a blue folder with all the information I need and to take to all my appointments but they didn't have any and didn't know when they would be getting any in next!!! she asked me a few questions about my health and starting filling in another form for my dating scan and said they would be in touch with a date!!! and that was it!!! I was a bit surprised that she didn't ask me more information and tell me more what is going to happen as this is my first baby!!! She didn't take my blood pressure or ask me to take a pregnancy test she just took my word for it!!! the doctor only looked my age and I'm 26!!!
Could anyone advise me on any books or website that would be best to get information on what's going to happen?


  • Hi Pippa
    Congratulations hun, I wouldn't worry about the doctors - I wasn't even allowed an appointment and was told (as if I was stupid) to book an appointment with the midwife when I would be eight weeks - considering I had no idea at the time how to work out how many weeks I was this wasn't the best! Hopefully it'll get better once you get to see the midwife!

    Good luck, xxx
  • Hi Pippa,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. :\)

    I think it varies depending on where you are etc...

    I dont have a blue folder I had a white thing with a plastic bit in to keep all the paperwork in safe. I was under the impression that it was the midwife tht gave out maternity note. The doctor should now contact the midwife and say that you have been to see them and that they confirm you are pregnant and then the midwife will contact you in a few weeks..

    If you haven't heard anything from the midwife by the time you are about 8 weeks then do phone and find out what is going on...

    I went to the doctors when I was 5 weeks and he didnt send my referral off, and I eventually had my first antenatel appointment at 13 weeks.. and that was only because she had to see me as I had a scan that day! :roll:

    I found magazines a god send as although I have already had 2 children I had forgotten all about what you can and cant eat etc... and of course I stumbled across this site by accident and have gained loads of advice from here everyone has been a great help :\)

    Again congrats on your news and hope you get to see someone soon x

    Lisa x 18+2

  • My doc experience was similar. It was about 4 weeks after I saw him that i got a booking in appointment with the Midwife which wasnt until week 14!
    I enjoyed reading the mag that goes with this website (prima preg and baby mag) its got a great week by week guide to whats going on in each issue. And if you have any questions about pretty much anything this website is a friendly place to be!

    Good luck and congrats! Jen 40 weeks+2 x x x
  • Congratulations on your news.

    Think the others are right, you should get notified from your hospital to get a booking in appointment round about 8weeks, there you will get asked all the questions and probably a date for your first scan.
    Take care x
  • Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy & speaking from experience theres not much you cant find out about pregnancy (& alot of other things!!) on this website

    I know when I went to my doctor with this pregnancy she worked out my dates & how many weeks I was & told me to come back at 8 weeks & she would send off my referral then coz the hospitals dont like them being sent before that.

    Then at 8 weeks she sent off my referral to the hospital & a date for a booking appointment came through for when I was roughly 12 weeks.

    I dont know anything about a blue folder though I know antenatal care does vary quite a bit depending on what area you are from.

    Good luck with your pregnancy

    Hilary x
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