Rasp leaf tea

How far do you have to be when you can start drinking it? cant remember now lol X


  • Think its from 34 weeks xx
  • well im 37 now so i better get drinking ha ha ha didt try it with the other 2 but am determinded that this baby is not going to be over-due! x
  • hi i am 32 weeks and started 2 days ago, it says late stages of pregnancy, andi looked it up on nternet and earliest said 32 wks, but youll be fine at 37.
  • i brought it at 32 weeks and started at 34 weeks and now having betwwen 3-4 cups aday but add sugur makes it alot nicer !!!

  • I started drinking it at 38 weeks but it didnt work for me!
  • dont tell me that carlybarleyx i need someone to tell me how much good it did for them ha ha! xx
  • Ive been drinking it since 34 wks so u will be fine i had it with my first and it didnt help i went 12 days over ive tried rasp tea fresh pineapple, clary sage, lavender u name it i tried it nothing worked the last time im only drinking now because i heard it can help labour go quicker and less painfully not sure if this is true tho sorry not much help i think baba will come when their ready but do believe some things can help for some ppl good luck Sophie 35+5 xx


  • what is it meant to do? x
  • It supposed to help you go into labour without going overdue but then ive also googled and it does say it can relax cervix etc and help you dilate quicker when u do go into labour not sure if its true or not i drank it last time an still went 12 days over and labour was 24 hours with ventouse delivery including episiotomy so obviously doesnt work for everyone lol Sophie 35+5 xx


  • hi i have read that it doesnt actually make you go into labour any earlier, but when you do go into labour, it makes it shorter as your uterus is worker better as it is stronger. i used the tablets first time, went 10 days over, but i dilated really steadily etc and had a really straightforward labour. its also good after the baby is born to help shrink your uterus back to normal x
  • I started on a cup a day at 32 weeks and increased it gradually.
    Had to be induced early though (38 weeks) due to complications.

    It took ages and ages to get things moving but then I dilated really quickly and George popped out pretty easy. The midwife was shocked how fast he arrived in the end and she said maybe it was the raspberry tea I'd been downing since I arrived at hospital!!

    She was an excellent midwife so if she thinks the tea works then I'm definitely gonna drink it this time round (due August 1st, so I'll start in a couple of months :\))
  • my midwife ses it does'nt work and its waste of money theres no proof to say it rly works

    abbie n bluebump 37wk+4
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