Hi guys

I know we have discussed this before but i cant find the topic

so just wanted advice on the best valu travel sister spent 300 on hers and coz she uses the car so much she only used it a total of 5 times!!]

i have a feeling i will use it as much as her so i dont want to spend a fortune but then dont want to get something too tacky....have seen the graco metrosport at babies are us it was 300 and now 150 - can anyone advise??

do like the quinny but not sure oit is worth the 350 asking price

grateful for advice, i just want to buy it and get it out of the way!!!


28+ 4:\?


  • I don't think I will be much help as we love the Quinny and think it is worth the extra money. By the time you've added the cost of the carseat, base and carrycot though it does get expensive so if you don't think you will use it much then a cheaper one makes sense.

  • i got the graco deluxe travel system from babysRus as it had all the features we want and will last untill baby is a toddler. we managed to get about ??100 off it because i had a money off voucher plus they had an offer on it at the time.
  • i never used my travelsystem as it was so heavy with the car seat on
  • My friend is due to give birth this week (altho will probably be late!). She got a travel system from Mothercare's own range. It looks nice and compact, she says it's easy to push (obviously no baby in it yet), and easy to fold down. She's very happy. Think it cost ??150 or there abouts. xx

  • hiya i had the graco travel system from baby r us. i even tho it is bulky its a good pushchair and i still use it now. as it is cold out i reckon thy are worth the money as we got the lot car seat, pushchair, carry cot pushchair, cosey toes and changing bag 4 ??200 i reckon. its a shame im gonna have 2 buy a double buggy x
  • My sister got a travel system - I think a Graco one but it was a few years ago. She paid ??300 but def. got her money's worth over 2 babies. They've now passed it on to a charity shop (except the car seat for the reasons we all know about) and got two lightweight strollers for the kiddos. She complained all the time it was bulky but they loved it all the same.

    We've gone for the Joolz from M&P - will report back in April when we've used it! LOL

    Joo xxx
  • Hey I've been thinking the same really, that I'm not gonna use it that much because of driving everywhere. But I've still decided to go for a Quinny and there's a seller on ebay who sells them a bit cheaper than in the shops so think I'm gonna get mine from them. Also, I've seen the other auctions for second hand Quinnys and they still go for a fair bit so I can always sell it on afterwards. image
  • Hi xKelx,
    Just wondering if the seller you were talking about on ebay was this one?|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

    If it is, you might be interested to know that charge less than ??100 more for that package WITH the isofix base if you need it, as the base is over ??100 on its own. They are very reputable as well.

  • thanks guys, you've been helpful. have had a day of rest today and tomorrow its back out there to the shops. i do hate shopping y' really i do!! xx
  • thanks guys, you've been helpful. have had a day of rest today and tomorrow its back out there to the shops. i do hate shopping y' really i do!! xx
  • hi guys just to let you know i went pram shoppoing today....went to mother care and mam's and papa's.....didnt find the assistans very helpful ..............but when i got back home i checked out the pilko prammette cosmos from mama's and papa's.... it looks nice and has won awards so im guessing it is user its been reduced from 325 to 225.

    if anyone has got this please let me know and please let me know how easy it is to fold!!!!!!!!! thanks


    29 weeks
  • Hey Mrs S1258 it isnt that seller it is this one...

    sorry it won't let me paste the link! Its ebabythyme and they have an ebay shop called Baby Thyme. I think they just sell the Quinny Buzz's on their own without the car seat etc. But I think they may sell them extras in their shop.
  • We tried to Pilko Pramette in M&P before we chose the Joolz. I didn't have a go myself, but hubby and the assistant did the folding up and down etc. and it did look easy.
    Can you go back and have a good look / demonstration?
    It seems a popular choice - we were going for it, but really wanted something a bit brighter looking - we got that as we've got a lime green buggy thingy!!!

  • I have the Graco Quattro Tour Delux, its all nice in its box at the mo but have tried and tested a few out and this one is the one i loved the most, I LOVE the carry cot you get with it, I really hope I use it as it is a great Idea, I know my Mum will use it when she has the baby. I got it on ebay for the shop online4baby they supply most other shops with Graco and are a main supplier so I got it allot cheaper that in the shops and they also threw in a parasol free of charge so they will do you a deal as such if you ask them. I also bought my godsons buggy from here and they are a great company!

    Hope this helps. What eva one you choose to go for, have a look and see if they have it on you tube and they show you how it all works and everything. That really helped me decide and also I was able to show my parents how it works for when they use it, if they get confused they can refer to it!!

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