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I know i have a lot of time to think about this but we are really struuggling to find a girls name we both like. At the moment we have picked Francesca but im still not sure about it. Her middle name is going to be Casey (i want this as her first name but hubby doesnt). Help!!!


  • i like tuhlulla - lulu for short - every1 in my family is relieved im havin a boy!!

  • francesca is nice - i like casey thats pretty!

  • i love the name amelia, millie for short but hubby doesnt like it. both names are lovely that you have said hun. i havent really got many girls names as im convinced im having anoher boy

  • hi hun,we have decided on grace but i also love the name lilly which my hubbie dosen't like!lacey is an unusual one that i quite like and milly & maisy r pretty too xx
  • I like Isabelle, Olivia, Meg, Nell (but was worried she might be chubby and they would call her Nellie the elephant at school!). Also quite like Emma, Grace and Eva.
    But we're convinced we're having a boy and not going to find out sex so will ahve to wait and see ! S x
  • oh god we are finding it so hard to find a name we both like lol so many of you guys seem so sure on your names already, im glad im not the only one whos baby is just called baby still haha

  • I like Molly for a girl, but I quite like Imogen too, Immie for short. My first is called Abigail Eden but she gets called Ab's most of the time!
  • I like Jodie Rae for a girl oh likes Mia. My first daughter is Lauren, although she was going to be called Isobel until about a week before!

    I beleive i am having a boy this time although haven't been able to tell by the scans so have not really thought about girls names - there are so many that are pretty i am sure you will both agree on one nearer the time

    Jen 37+5 xxx
  • carley barley i also love the name molly but we already have a holly so think it would be a bit confusing!so we have decided on grace!
  • lol I liked Gabby, but we cant have Gabby and Abby!
  • I quite like Jessica but im trying to steer clear of anything in the top ten names, just because i dont want them to be one of many with the same name!

    Grrr i love loads of names but hubby doesnt. I might name her Francesca Casey and just call her by her middle name lol. I hope its a boy!
  • potty potter we are having anne as babys middle name too after my late nan,i dont know any graces or lillys is difficult choosing isnt it!
  • i like jessica too we r calling ours millie xx
  • we called our first daughter aimee-ella who was going to be a kimberley. Our latest arrival we called her ruby-anne. We couldnt decide on a name. we also liked ebony-frayer and ebony-rose, zoe, natalie, courtney they are just a few we couldnt decide on.

    This may seem silly, but how we chose our names was to imagine ourselves telling them off. As you know when they get older they are into everything. We soon found if we really liked the name or not. hope that helps sorry to go on.
  • LOL Hollysmum - I like how you've suggested the names Maisy or Lacey. It made me laugh cos MK said the middle name is going to be Casey!!!

    Ah maybe it's just me but it made me giggle! (yes I know, I need a lifeLOL)

  • Ha ha Macey Casey has a ring to it
  • Hi we have one called Alannah Grace and have been thinking of other girls names to. I like Matilda ( as baby was concived on holiday in Oz) and I love summer but Paul has said no as Im due in winter. Also love evangeline and emilia. I have a neice called Casey and she's class her middle name is Lyla don't think thats spelt right. Its that Eric clapton song. Oh love Roxy and lola to.
  • im having a boy but decided that if i had a girl we would call her olivia. i also really like the names grace, roxy and kiera xx
  • When we first starting thinking of names, my husband and I came up with loads of girls names we liked. Now that we have found out that it is a girl we can only think of one that we really like, so she will probably be Bethany. Still trying to think of a one-syllable middle name to go with it!
  • Our problem is our families are both huge so lots of names have already been taken. I love Roxy but i couldnt wait for a baby so that is what my dog was called!

    Tricia W i think Matilda is lovely esp as she was conceived in oz. You could always try sheila!!
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