I am nearly 37 weeks now wohooooooo in the past week I have noticed an increased amount of pressure in my "special place" lol whenever I stand up from my desk I get pains through that whole area, could this be lo engaging? or just the added weight causing the pressure? I swear my bump has dropped slightly and dh has noticed it too.

Any ideas ladies image



  • Wohooooo - it's funny you should answer my thread as I was just about to start one up asking where you were image

    It's really bloody uncomfortable and when he gets hiccups it feels like my fifi is hiccuping lol

  • Ha, thats mad youv'e said that about the hiccups because the past 4 weeks ive had this thing which feels like im fluffing in long patterns!Lol!(im not). I come up with the conclusion that the baby must have hiccups and shes far back and low so its vibrating down my back and my bum! Sorry TMI! So she obviously does have the hiccups! Lol! x
  • that exactly how it feels for me - I actually hate it when he gets hiccups as i find it really uncomfortable image
  • Yay!! I want him here now I need a good excuse to finish work early lol xxx
  • nope image not for another 2 weeks I decided to go right to the end, crazy I know but I was worried I would get bored at home xx
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