Help! Wedding ring stuck

Basically the title says it all...
I've got carpal tunnel in my fingers as well, have managed to get my engagement ring off but my wedding one isn't budgeing.
have tried an ice pack on my finger followed by spraying loads of window/glass cleaner on it (a google related tip) but it's not working and just making my finger more swollen and sore from trying
really don't want to get it cut off but not sure what else i can do xx


  • This is the advice one of my friends gave me and it worked when all else had failed.

    1) Wait until your fingers are naturally at their smallest - for most this is first thing in the morning but for us carpal girls it is usually in the evening. Do not do anything to inflame them before hand.

    2) Tie some pieces of dental floss loops around the ring so that you can get a good grip.

    3) Get some micropore tape (from the chemist) and wrap it tight around your finger above the ring. You are trying to squash out the swelling as much as possible.

    4) Hold your hand above your head for 10mins.

    5) Cover your finger with washing up liquid.

    6) Start pulling (easing it off) - you will need a towel handy to wipe your right hand as it will get slippery.

    7) Eat chocolate for the pain.

    Hope that works,
    H xx
  • try vegetable/olive/sunflower oil, or washingup liquid, should help it slide off, but maybe put ur hand in some cold water first to shrink them a bit xx
  • my mum tried that with me, she even joked she;d try again when my entenox arrived at my hoise! it didnt come off. but it was ok as my hands stopped swelling so it was a tight fit but not an issue. i got my engagement ring off just in time!
  • Keep it cold, and try holding it above your head for ages. Also, maybe try massaging it, just rub from the tip back up towards your heart. That might help budge some excess fluid and swelling. I know that doesn;t sound helpful, but regular massage helps carpal tunnel as a general rule, so try it every day for a few days (along with all these other tips) every little helps, right?
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