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Did anyone have to wait to get a letter from the hospital to say when there 12 week scan would be?? I was just wondering how long it took for the letter to come. I have been waiting 6 days and already am getting more andd more impartient. X


  • Hey hun image

    I did have to wait for mine and it took about 3 or 4 weeks, I bet that wasn't what you wanted to hear image

  • Oh no, i wish i'd not just read that bit either. i've just been referred to hospital for a scan appointment a couple of days ago and had been hoping it would come this week sometime. Wishful thinking i think!
  • Hi
    I had to wait for a letter from the hospital for my scan and it took about a week to come. So hopefully yours will be with you soon.

  • Hi, am afraid mine took nearly 5weeks to come!
    Hope yours gets to you quicker, I was going insane...jx
  • I waited about a week and a half for mine it come really quick.
    It just depends where you live some places are quicker than others
  • i reckon this probably depends on what area / hospital you're at x
  • HI
    when i got my scan letters i got my 20wk b4 my 12wk one it was crazy as there was a real gap between gettin these letters tori X image

  • Hi applejack,

    You're 12 weeks fairly soon eh? I'd call the hospital and chase it up - if it's already in the post then all the better. My letter arrived about 2 weeks after I'd seen the gp.
  • Hi i got my letter after 3 weeks but I would have been 15 weeks when I had scan if it wasnt for the fact that they had a cancelation and bought me forward a week.

    This waiting malarky is awful.
  • Hiya applejack, my scan appointment letter took 3 weeks to get to me! Dont worry about it as its only been 6 days x
  • I had to call the hospital to find out luv might be worth a go! xx
  • well im still waiting for my letter and im 22 weeks!!! lol my letter never turned up i ended up calling the hospital and finally got my scan at 17 weeks. i would give them a call if u dont hear anything in the next week. good luck xx
  • mine was suppos3d to be emergency scan and i had to wait two weeks for letter, but my appointment was about three days after the letter. London Royal need more staff.
  • Thanks to all for my replies image I go on holiday 22 jan and really wanted scan before thren. Judging by most replies I doubt I will even have me letter before I go though!!

    Wezza I will 12 weeks in about 8 days time cant wait!!! altrough after reading bout caz4mark makes me think your not safe till you've seen that heartbeat. X
  • you should give your hospital a call in the morning you never know your letter could have got lost in post. would hate for you to loose out on your appointment because off the royal mail.
  • I never got a letter. Got fed up and rang hospital, turns out my letter got lost in the post! They were very sorry, but it wasn't their fault. My first scan is tomorrow and I'll be 14 weeks.
  • i have been waiting a week so far i thought the letter would come straight away more or less my oh said he didn't think it would come for a few weeks. oh well i have 5 weeks til i am 13 weeks and they do it 12-14 so got a while yet!! xx
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