I have my first appointment with my midwife on Monday. She asked me in our telephone conversation where I wanted to have the baby. Am I correct in assuming that you can choose which hospital you can have your baby or does it have to be within a catchment area or did she mean at home or hospital?

Thanks for replies in advance. This baby thing is complicated :\?


  • Is there a few hospitals in your area? Or do you know if there is a midwife led birthing centre?

    She probably meant that, though remember that you can change your mind even after you've booked in

    Hilary x

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  • Hi, I think it depends on where you are and how many hospitals are nearby. I live in Norway and I got a choice of two and we were able to visit both and told the pros and cons of each before we decided. We then get another private tour in a couple of weeks where we can tell them more about our birth plan etc. Some midwives do encourage you to have a homebirth if you don't have any complications, and also sometimes you can go to a midwife unit to have the baby instead of the hospital. Ask your midwife what your options are so you can do some research, at this stage in your pregnancy I am sure you have plenty of time to change your mind several times! I'm 34 weeks and only confirmed which hospital I was going to 4 weeks ago, I get my private tour in a couple of weeks once I get past 36 weeks pregnant and am seen as a bit more imminent!!

    Liz xx
  • At least you were asked.. my mw hasnt asked me where I would like to have lo, she has just put me down for local hospital and my choice is either a homebirth or birth center...

    But looks like it will be in your catchment area if there are a number of places available to you

    Sorry I couldnt have been more help

    x x x
  • Thank you for your responses. Liz the service in Norway sounds excellent. I wish we had that system.

    Hilary there is a few hospitals in my area (or what I believe to be in my area but that might differ from what the NHS believes to be my area) so maybe she meant that.

    The service seems variable on where you live and poor Tiger feet you don't even have a choice. I think there should be choice but it took me long enough to get a bloomin midwife in the first place because I live in the countryside and there is apparently no midwife in my catchment area!
  • Funny you should ask that! My m/w rang me today coz she knew my local hosp had really upset me. She told me it is my right to go to any hospital within the north west that I wanted. I could even have scans, etc at one and still chose another to give birth in. She stated that all choices are up to you! I only had the choice of one on my "chose and book" letter and she said that was not right and it was my decision. Only had this conversation an hour ago so hope it helps.
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