Pain in the bum ? ?

Bit of a strange one i know. I keep getting a pain in my bum. I get an aching sort of pain down the middle at the top but also a sharpish but dull throb on and off in my left cheek in the middle.

Has anyone else had pains in their rear? ? ?

Jules :\?


  • when i was pregnant i got the occasional shooting pain up my backside! i have no idea what it was but it sometimes made me jump. and since i had my lo it's not happened. see your gp if youre concerned xx
  • J have had this on and off - I put it down to loosening ligaments and a bit of movement from the coccyx (the tailbone at the very end of your spine). It is not meant to move really but ligaments getting loose might make it happen.

    Does it come on after lots of sitting ot lying? Often it hapens to me when I move after being still e.g. sitting or lying.

  • My tail bone hurts I keep having to sit on the tops of my legs rather than my bottom!
  • How far gone are you babe i started with shooting pains in bum cheeks and cramp spasms in night ithought it was sciatica sometimes baby rests on a sciatic nerve. Mine turnrd into spd unfotunately but hopefully yours will pass as baby moves.
  • Hi, i had this last time and have just started with it again at 11 weeks, it turned into SPD last time from about 20 weeks, it it's bothering you get it checked out.. hope its something simple and not SPD for you. x
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