Can pg symptoms disappear at 8 weeks or should I be worried?

I've been feeling sick all day every day for a month, with sore boobs etc, and since yesterday I've just felt different, and the sickness seems to have gone, and my boobs don't feel very sore anymore. I thought symptoms all lasted til about 12 weeks - has anyone else had them go this early, or does it mean somthing is wrong? Thank sx


  • Hi there i am nearly 8wks and sufferd from bad sickness, but mine seems to av gone avent ad it 4 a few days, but boobs r sore now, i was thinking same thing!
    take care
    Adele xxx
  • Hi cat811
    I was one of the lucky ones and didn't get the sickness but I did 'feel' pregnant with other things and my boobs were very sore and really heavy.
    At around this time my symptoms disappeared also, I think it is quite normal. Nothing to worry about, typical babies hey, they do this to you a few weeks before your scan and make you worry yourself sick. I was lucky I had an early scan at 9+5 don't know how I would have coped with waiting til 12 weeks. I'm now 21+6 and all fine. Try not to worry.
    Good luck

    Em x
  • Hello, Cat811,
    Try not to worry (i know its hard and the slightest lil thing throws us into a panic!) everyone feels diff things at diff times, and some lucky mums to be have no preg symptoms at all! I'm sure evrything is fine, but if you still worried, it will do no harm to phone your midwife, that is what they are there for. Please try not to worry too much though.
    Katie. X
  • Yeah, I am one of those lucky ones!! I have had NO SYMPTOMS and I'm 12 weeks today!! It's worse in a way I think, as I'm struggling to believe that I really am pregnant!!
    I read it's normal for symptoms to come and go, and for sickness to return later on too!! So, maybe I'm not out of the woods just yet!! ha ha!!
    Good luck
  • I was about 10 wks when my boob pain and sickness suddenly vanished.
    Am sure you will find a whole lot of new symptoms appear to worry you - got 9 months of neverending worry lol
    Love Lee
  • hiya i am like minime i have NO symptoms from the beginning and still do not even feel pg!! i am 9 weeks 5 days now!! i do have extra cm but thats it. at the very beginning i was a bit extra tired and my boobs did feel a bit bruised but nothing bad. that only lasted for about 2 weeks then nothing at all!! that is why i got a private scan as i couldn't believe i was pg despite doing 5 pg tests!ha but everything is fine! i am just enjoying it now and hoping it stays this way xxx
  • Thanks for your messages - I've been to gp, and have a scan booked for monday. It's going to be a long weekend image
  • Hi Hun - my symptoms disappeared at 6 weeks (just like you described) I found out I was preggers at 3 weeks and got strong symptoms not long after so had been having strong symptoms for a couple of weeks before they disappeared. That was followed by cramping the next day and bleeding a few days later so you can imagine I thought the worst but scan showed up heartbeat and I'm now 31 weeks - try not to think the worst hun, xxx
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