Oh I am feeling very sorry for myself today. I think I have a trapped nerve in my left shoulder and it's REALLY sore. Whenever I need to take a big breath or move I can feel it all the way down my left side. I can't lie down or sleep and I can't sit up. Had great plans for my day off and now all I am doing is sitting on the sofa watching crap tv. It's just one thing after the other, can't wait till my body belongs to me.
Boo hoo.
Mel x


  • awww poor you, hope you feel better soon!
  • aww you poor thing! hope you get better soon!


  • Oh dear, hope there's something good on telly! get better soon. S x
  • If it helps I'm in pain with torn/overstretched ligaments in my belly (oh and really nasty varicose veins in my nether regions)!

    Maybe we should start a sympathy thread where we can moan about our ailments and wellwishers can post their sympathies!

  • Thanks ladies, poor you Karen, serioues ouch with the varicose veins!! I think I have overstretched bits at my belly as well. Who said this was fun again?
  • och poor you theres nothing worse, i get this a lot ive got mammoth boobs so often wake up with having slept funny. luckily not had it much since being pg but i get big lumpy knots in the back of my right shoulder blade. think a big tub of lotion and oh's fingers and thumbs for you melady!
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