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Hi ya

just wondering if any of you have experienced the same thing and if so what advice were you given, my nephew had chicken pox a few weeks back now and he came to our house today along with his little brother, i noticed when they were here that my other nephew had developed a rash which then began to spread quite quickly so we're all 100% sure he now has chicken pox.

I had it when i was younger however i was just wondering if baby was at risk? i'm now 31+3.

Any advice would be really appreciated.......yet again i'm worrying that it's going to affect the baby!

Gem x


  • Hi Gem, that's a worry you could have done without hun...I'm sure you'll be fine especially as you've had it before plus we're now into the later stages. I found this web page which has more details on the subject....

    Otherwise always best to give your MW a call to put your mind at rest xx

  • I've just actually rang the NHS Direct helpline and they said because i've had it the baby isn't at risk even if i was to develop shingles which is really rare so i feel a lot happier now, just feel so sorry for little nephew as he went down hill so quickly bless him.

    Thanks for the reply tho hun, hope you're keeping well and bet you're excited about lo's arrival now, i know i am and can't wait to see what he/she is going to look like!!

    Take Care x x

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  • Not to worry you gem but when you rang NHS direct did they test your last sample (last antenatal blood you had done) to definately check you are immune. This is the process in our local hospital we test an archived sample even if pregnant lady had had chicken pox. As i just found out this week end that i am not immune even though i thought i had chicken pox when i was a child. Although i have been in contact with shingles not chicken pox which isn't as much of a risk as chicken pox is.( I do actually work in pathology but unfortunately don't know the exact risks to the baby if your not immune sorry)

    I would ring your midwife as you may have spoken to any doctor rather than someone that just specialises in pregnancy etc.
  • Hi Emma

    I've just looked at my notes and it does say i'm immune to rubella so is this the same thing?

    Will give my midwife a call this morning just to make sure

  • hi gem sorry to hear about ur nephew.... i had the sam problem a couple of weeks ago... my neighbours daughter came out in chicken pox... but it depends whoy you speak to I found... i chose to listen to drs as sometimes they no and they said I was far along so lo wouldnt be affected... i am 25 weeks.... it is german measles you have to be worried about.... but if it says you are immune then looks like you are covered against that anyways.... my notes say rubella antibody detected so I am safe from anything x
  • hi

    When I was 22 weeks my OH caught shingles, probably from my cousin who had chicken pox at the time. His doctors told him to get me into hospital for blood tests immediately. I was in work so phoned my doctors, they asked if I had checken pox when I was younger and cos I had they said there was no risk. Not knowing who to believe I phoned my maternity unit, and a wonderful midwife there explained that I was protected through my previous infection (no blood tests, I hadn't yet had my anomaly scan) and the only possible risk would have been if I had been 12 weeks or less.

    Despite this, I think you should still contact your mw or doctor as I read up about it at the time and there is a chance that if you have the disease in your system at the end of your pregnancy, there is a chance that baby can catch it during delivery. As far as I remember it is a very minimal chance, and it might be even later in pregnancy than you are, but probably one youre better checking out
  • Hi ya

    double checked with dr and becasue i am rubella immune i'm fine and i've also had chicken pox so there isn't a problem.

    Really appreciate all your replies! x x

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