35 weeks and still breech. with hyperemesis.

I have been vomitting constantly every day since boxing day now and am well and truly fed up been in and out of maternity ward three times in the last 7-10 days. for fluid drips I have tried several different forms of antisickness all which don't seem to work that well.

And my baby is still breech Help!!!!


  • Oh you poor soul I know how you feel I had hyperermesis at the begining of my last pregnancy and I'm praying to god it doesn't come back this time round.

  • Only 29 days to go still breech though and still being sick got a consultant appointment on 21/01/07 so will have to see what she says apparently she is very nice and if i tell her i work for the hospital too she will look after me.

    I personally hope they will do an ecv on monday and I go into labour straight after (would be nice especially if otherwise i am going to have to wait another few weeks with being sick everyday)

    I don't like the prospect of having a c-section either and the prospect of not being able to drive for six weeks after

    I am just moaning again don't listen!!!!
  • Does anyone have any ideas for complimentary therapy for turning babies the only one i know of is kneeling on all fours with bum in the air when baby is moving a lot.
  • Hi hun,
    I have no idea what hyperemesis is but it sounds awful!
    My baby is breech too and i've been doing the excercises where you go on all fours and put bum in the air. Not convinced its doing anything, baby is probably just laughing instead of turning as i look so ridicuous!! They also said that they don't like cold on their heads so to sit with a cold glass of drink on the top of your bump for 15 mins a few times a day. Oh and also to drink orange juice or coke so babys wriggle a lot then lay on your left side. They all sounds pretty crazy to me, and i think my baby is just comfy where she is!

    I'm going for a scan next week to confirm her position and if breech they will book my c-section. I'm not keen on the ECV for various reasons.

    If you put your hand on the top of your bump does your baby kind of snuggle her head into your hand? Mine does, its really sweet actually!! xxxx
  • It does yes i think it's head was out at the side this morning but when i bent over to tie my laces on my shoes it soon wriggled it's way back under my ribcage again every now and then It feels like she is stood at full length between my bladder and ribcage (my whole belly goes riged) and it hurts like hell I have to get up and walk around for a bit (till she or he goes floppy again).

    I don't mind if i have to have a c-section i just don't like the idea of the recovery after and not being able to drive after for 6 weeks.

    Hyperemesis is the extreme form of morning sickness.
  • Thats awful that you're still so ill. I feel so lucky as I never got any morning sickness at all. I was just extremely tired all the time. That seems like ages ago now!!!

    I know what you mean about the recovery. I am worried for the same reason. I have had a few problems so been on bedrest since 16 weeks (although I am doing housework now as hubby tries but its just not the same!) Initially the thought of another 6 weeks of being restricted with things wasn't too bad but we found out yesterday that my hubby has to go to London after his 2 weeks paternity leave. He is in the Army and his troop is doing the Queens Guard thing at the Palace but he has got out of it so far as he's looking after me. My family live about an hour away so its not so bad but i'm scared of having such a major op and having a newborn baby and at the same time being all by myself.

    Do you know what typre of breech your baby is? xxxx
  • hi ladies, have you heard of moxybustion? its an alternative therapy used to turn breech babies, you can google it for more info, its not invasive at all to you or baby.
    anything is worth trying!
  • Never heard of it but will look it up now.

    I don't think they know what type of breech it is I will probably have to wait till next week when they do the scan.

    good luck.
  • Had a good cry tonight and feel a little better this was after i threw up for the fifth time today (sorry too much info).
    I am just so fed up now it's unbelieveable my OH just doesn't know what to do to cheer me up usually after a cry i feel a bit better so hopefully after a good nights sleep I will feel better I hope. I suppose I am lucky I haven't been poorly all the way through really and have only got a few weeks to go till i see little one. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

    You never know It might turn tonight and I might go into labour in next few days If i am lucky. (wishful thinking i think) Let's be right I am only 36 weeks tomorrow.

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  • I had a good Nights sleep thanks and feel much better My other half has given some jobs to do to keep my mind off the fact of being sick so I am getting on with them I haven't been sick so far today yet and have managed to keep down one biscuit and half a crumpet (breakfast) I am going to get a small bowl of cereal in a bit see if that stops down wish me good luck. I am sorting out some pictures to put up around the house some we bought from Lake district and Some we have taken ourselves whilst in the Lake district earlier this year. We went three times last year unfortunately if we go back this year we will have to find somewhere else to stay the BB we normally stay in doesn't take babies or children.

    see you
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