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elective c section?

hi i had a c sec about 4 months ago with my 1st child he was born weighing a whopping 10lbs 4oz they tried to make me push him out but i only have a relativly small frame so evenyually once he got so far he got stuck which lead to my emergancy c section. Once he was born they told me that next time id should expect a bigger baby and if this is the case then i dont particularly want to give birth vaginally to the next one in the future so i was wondering could i have an elective c sction especially if the next baby ends up weighing more than the last as he was an enormous baby?? i couldnt believe it when he was born as all the doctors and midwifes had scanned my and felt the baby and said he seemed like an average size baby but i beg to differ at 10lbs 4oz lol

tilly x x


  • hiya,

    i had an em cses as my son was bigish at 9lb 5. i've got very small hips so he never even engaged. at my booking in they said i could chose an elective which i think i will do.

    with my ds i had a scan at 34 weeks as i had an anterior placenta and they said he was small so i dont want to rely on a growth scan again!

    anna 15+2x
  • Yes - because you've had a previos c-section you will be offered either an elective Csection with next pregnancy (there is a small chance of scar rupture during labour) or to try for a VBAC (however you would need to be closely monitored during labour. This should all be discussed with you fairly early on in your next pregnancy.
    Hope this helps
  • yes u absolutly can choose as u have already had 1!!.. thy may ask why u want 1, and mabe suggest vbac bt u r 2 decide!!!... i am 27 weeks n had app thrsday and told consultant i want 1 as i had 1 with my first- he said he has no probs with doing it... he asked y i want 1, i told him, and he explaind tht my reasons wr valid bt nothing 2 worry about, bt he said at the end of the day its up 2 me!....
  • I've had 2 emergency c-sections and I asked for an elective on my 2nd and they told me I had to try naturally. I really think i twas down to the consultant I saw and hospital policy - but I think they could refuse , I would ask your midwife which consultant is more likely to be on your side! With my 2nd I ended up gong 18 days overdue as it was a bank holiday and couldn't be booked in for an elective until then. now with the 3rd it's an elective - woohoo xx
  • i had similar situation to you, my baby was only 8lb 9 though. However, mw and consultant said to me that he was too big for my size- also had massive head which think was the main issue!! am now og with baby no2 and am chosing to try vbac but, i have had growth scans throughout to make sure she is not too big. have been told shes an average size- but i know that can mean anything!! so am just keeping my fingers crossed. only have a wk to go- so ill let u know,
  • I had an emergency section for similar reasons, although Reece wasnt quite so big he was 9lb1. When I went for my 6 week check afterwards I was told that next time I could have a section or try for a natural birth by the consultant then, but my current consultant seems dead against it! I told her straight away that I wanted one but they cant find my notes from the first time. I have to have a scan at 34 weeks to see if my placenta is still low. She said well if it is thats the descision made, your having a section and I said I have already made my decsision, and she just ignored me. I am going to speak to my midwife next time I go. Everyone I have seen has said its another big baby (I am only 5 foot and small build) I dont see the point of going through another 20 hour labour to end up having an emergency section again. I think the chances are if you cant get one out your not going to get another out, and second babies tend to be bigger as well.
  • Thanx guys for all ur replys i also forgot to say that my uterus didnt contract either when my placenter was delivered which caused hemmoraging but iv just though to myself cuz i dont quite understand wouldnt my uterus have to contract to help push him out??
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