im pretty chuffed!

Well after my dilema of wether or not to tell people im pregnant we did and it felt really good and quite a relief!!

My mum told my aunty (her daughter had a baby last nov) and she has offered us all the baby stuff for free!!! (she bought it for her teenage daughter btw) There are tons of baby grows, clothes, a brand new car seat, cot, brand new pram, streilizer, changing mat and accessories. We will ofcourse give her something for it but its going to be such a relief financially!!! Im going to wait till i've had my 16 week scan and then go and take a look at the stuff. Feeling quite excited now! xx


  • How many weeks are you hun? my cousin had a girl so most of the clothes are only suitable for a girl and im convinced we're having a boy! You're parents will be over the moon - im sure, and once they get used to the idea there will be no stopping them! they' ll be helping you to buy things, thinking of names, ooh sooo exciting.

    FM - 13+3
  • Thats brilliant! I knew you would feel better once you told everyone. My aunty had twin girls last year so she is giving us loads of stuff. If we have a girl we wont have to buy clothes ever! But i am convinced its a boy and always refer to it as he, i think i will be shocked if we find out its a girl. Thing is clothes are so cheap (my baby is gonna live in asda, tesco and primark clothes) so its the bigger stuff i am glad we are getting for freeish.

    Leigh21 - my mum was a bit shocked at first but quickly got used to the idea. Her main fear is that she is too young to be a nana! Now she is probably more excited than i am.
  • Thats brilliant news wen i was expecting Rhys was hardly had to buy anything coz loads of people gave us stuff that was brand new, and ur right about it been a huge financial relieve. U dnt realise how expensive these lil bundles are until ur having one. Glad everything is working out for u and before u know it ur 16wk scan will have bin and gone. Kerry xxx

  • Thats brilliant! Unfortuantly I dont know anyone whose had a baby recently and I didnt keep anything from my first so we're starting again! It wont be long until your scan, after 12 weeks time seems to fly by!
  • Its really good to hear you sound so excited mate!

    After all you have been through its great to hear things are going sooo well for you!

    Love Lee

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