why do i feel so down

i feel so stupid. for the last week i feel so down. i cry when ever i'm alone and i don't know what to do. my sister in law is a midwife but i don't feel i can talk to her, which is so unlike me. i try to talk to my partener but it all comes out wrong and he ends up saying stop winging. i don't mean to i just can't thing straight. i get every thing all messed up. i don't know if it because i can't sleep, but whatever it is i can't stand it anymore. has anyone else been like this? will it pass soon. i feel like if i carry on i'm going to be sectioned. maybe thats a little over the top.


  • hey

    How far along are you? It sjust sounds to me that your body is over doing it with the hormones. You cant pinpoint exactly where the problem is so everything seems wrong. Are you still working? Maybe at the week end try to relax. get some sleep. And do some shopping or something. Online shopping is great if you cant get around. Call a friend over and a a godo cry cry over a movie and hot chocolate..... Then you can let everything out by crying over a movie and not explain yourself to anyone. Maybe thats what you need!!!

    Hope you feel better soon
    And chin up my darling!!!

  • i'm 19 weeks. and working a 35 hr week i've booked some time off to try and sort myself out. hopefully it works. i've write him a letter to tell him exactly how i feel i just hope he can make some sence of it. if i can make him see how i feel he'll be able to help me. i hate the way that i have to rely on him so much, i scared of driving him away as i've always been in Independent.
  • Maybe thats why everything is upsetting you so much!!!

    Cause all of a sudden you are having to rely on someone. And somethign you ahve never had to do. And what sane woman works so much when pregnant. Definately take some time off. Luckily I had at least a day off every week to go to antenatal or GP. I'm now 29 tomorrow and have appointments most weeks.

    Things will get better. I promise. And you know we are all always here and we all understand!!! If no one else does!!
  • I have had the same problems lately. I got to week 30 with no mood swings or probs at all and then all of a sudden feel so depressed, without any reason. I felt like I was letting my hubby down because hes been so impressed with me carrying on as normal, and I went from loving my bump to feeling fat frumpy and ugly!
    It is getting better, try talking to you bloke when your hormones are giving you a break and you can tell him about it with a level head.
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