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braxton hicks...

:\? a little confused at mo... i'm 31 weeks and appear to be having quite strong braxton hicks... i'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing these? our little man is 6 and my memory isn't that good...;\) xxx


  • Mine have been giving me gyp for ages - very painful down below, in my bum and my back. Think they tend to vary mum 2 mum but also, I think they get more noticeable in subsequent pregnancies. If the ones I had yesterday were anything to go by then this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  • my memory is that they can start earlier than you're warned to expect them - scared me silly first time round. Anyone else get them every time they try to do pelvic floor exercises!?!?!?image
  • Nope but I do get em when I eat or drink and when bubba decides to have a fidget!!! Worst is when I'm driving!!!!! lol
  • What do they feel like? I've been getting pains at the bottom of my bump and they are quite sharp and painful. Are these braxton hicks? x
  • I'm 33weeks + 3 and i have been getting them quite often in the last few weeks, can be very uncomfortable. i read somewhere that you should contact your midwife if you get more than 4 in an hour, or they become painful.
  • Hi girls think iv been gettin them but not sure im 26wks and me and o/h had an argument nothing serious just abit of shouting lol but my stomach was going really tight like the baby was trying to force his way out not painfull though just an annoying tightning is it braxton hicks? xxxxxx
  • Could be or could just be bubs reacting to loud noise! I get them when I start driving but not too bad but have started getting more serious ones about an hour after I go to bed, so strong they wake me up and send me running for a hot water bottle! Don't think bubs is going to hang around in there for the 24 days I've got left!
  • Hi sweetheart is it your first bubs? mine is my first, he is kicking like mad at the moment i had that tightening again not long ago at the top of bump under breasts it was quite painfull. xxxx
  • Hi, I'm 37+ weeks and get loads of braxton hicks. Sometimes just getting up off of bed/chair, turning over or just after baby has had a good fidget. Some of the tightings are quite strong and painful down below, then it goes.
  • Hi everyone, glad it's not just me going through this. Very annoying isn't it? Yesterday lunchtime I started with period type pains and then it progressed to very strong braxton hicks!! at one point last night they were coming every 7 minutes, so i thought this must be it, well by the time I went to bed at 11 it had all stopped!! much to my annoyance. I still have 4 weeks to go so shouldn't be too upset I suppose! Karyn x
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