extremely confused!!!

Hi ladies. Hope you are all well image

Well i should be coming to join you all image
But my happiness and excitedness seems a tad short lived atm!!

AF was due last friday 13th but didnt show up.
I tested saturday afternoon with a FR and got a very faint line, so tried not to get too excited.
Tested again monday morning with FMU and got a darker line so got super excited!!
My boobs have got really big and have started to get really sore and sensitive, been getting headaches, lots of CM, really tired and constantly needing to wee lol.

Bought a CBD last night and decided to use it this morn with FMU but was very confused and sad when i seen "Not Pregnant" :\?
Went to the lloyds pharmacy round corner from me and explained to the woman and she said it has been said to happen to a few people and to use one of their own brands but to use it with FMU, but i ignored her and used it when i got home and it was very faint.

Now im really confused. I have booked in with the docs this afternoon so shall see what they say, will they use one of their tests and are their tests accurate, do they need to be FMU??

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

xx emma xx


  • I've heard a lot of people say CBD aren't very sensitive and they've got 'not pregnant' when they are. If you've had more than one positive I'd say you are pregnant, leave it a week or so before you do another CBD. Mine was wrong, it said 2-3 weeks when I was a few weeks further than that xx
  • cbd are not versensitive so it could be that it's just not picking it up. however, after 14 dpo it should really say pregnant. are you certain of when you ov'd? testing in the evening should still give you an accurate result if you are not testing early as well. however, you have used 3 different tests, that will have 3 different sensitivity ratings, so dont worry yet. test with a fr with fmu tomorrow. that shpuld be sarker than your last fr with fmu. and then stop testing!!!!
  • Cheers hun image
    Im starting to feel a little more positive lol.
    Just hope it goes ok at the docs later or i will cry haha!
  • I have an appointment with the doctor later so will explain all to them and see what they say.
    My friend didnt show BFP with a CBD till she was 7 weeks and she now has a little boy. Im thinking i could have OV'd a little later as it has happened a few times. Will just wait and see xx
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