I'm in agony! cry

I have spent all day on a course and most of it sitting down, except to get up once in a while for a wee or to go to car.
when i stand i get a sharp spasm that bends me in 2 and then when i walk it feels like the baby is gonna fall out. i have been taking paracetemol all day and now resorted to the codeine.
i feel like i want to cry and am not sure i can handle this for next 3 weeks.
spoke to mw (on my course in the pm and is a friend) and she didnt seem concerned but thats because i always seem to put on a brave face acc to dh.
Anyone any ideas?
Filo x


  • thanks sb
    yes i thought i was ok til near end of day and then in a room full of medical type people i couldnt really make a fuss!
    feeling bit sorry for myself but i have never had pain this bad and msnaged to walk still.
    Painkillers now kicking in so feeling bit better but dont want to have codeine if i can help it.
    Filo x
  • Hey hun didn't want to r&r, can only suggest you try and take it as easy as poss and try and drop the brave face from time to time and ask for help if/when you need!!!!! (i know its easier said than done!!).

    Hope these spasms pass soon hun, sending big (((hugs)))

    Suzi 25+4 xxxx
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