Had 4D scan and was fantastic......However!!.....

What we thought was a Girl is actually a Boy! It seems that is previous scans our little boy was hiding he's bits!! So after the scan of I trotted to all the shops i had been to, to take all the pink that I had bought back and buy some blue! lol We are a little shocked but for some reason I wasn't supprised when she told us. The scan was fantastic and we have a dvd with our own choice of music on it, he sucked he's thumb and smiled away.

Thought you would like to see one of the pics we have of him



  • awww bless did the hos tell u he was a girl? cos im supposed to be haveing a girl and u have made me think now lol?
  • yeah they told me and the lady at the 4D place said that the hospital arn't actually qualified to tell you and don't like to tell you. It was fantastic. I would personally say go and get a 4D scan to make sure as they are amazing and the people that do it really have a good ol look for you. We have pics of it 'bits' as well! lol
  • wow thats fab,good job u had it done then as if the hospital got it wrong!! xxx
  • i will book mine mon how far are u?
  • Wow congrats hun and what a releif you found out now so you could swap all the pink bits for blue!!!

    Pic is fab!
  • What a lovely picture!! must have been a bit of shock to be told that your having a little boy and not a girl xxx
  • the picture is sooooo cute. I hate that bloody advert that get in the way of your post so i cant read it all properly and have to guess what the last few words are lol. bet your glad you got the sex checked again. congratulations hun, a cute little boy.

  • congratulations hun, love your pic so cute. we have been told we are having a girl to, and now you have me wandering. xx
  • Congratulations
  • That's fantastic hun. What a suprise though! Would you be able to put up some more pics of the scan as I am really toying with the idea of a 4D scan but just can't decide.

  • Hi Tracey!

    Your scan pic looks fab! What a shock finding out you are actually having a boy!! Bet you're glad you got a 2nd opinion :lol:

    Congrats xx

    Sharon x


  • awww bless your little boy, he was clearly a little shy!!!! Cant wait for my 4D scan now, and i will refrain from buying any more pink stuff til after that, just in case!!! Excellent pics hun, he looks sooo cute! xx
  • Oh wow!! What a surprise for you. Lovely picture. That happened to my DH's cousin, told it was a girl then at growth scan told it was actually a boy! So at my 20 wk scan Thurs I asked the sonographer "and it's not got it's leg covering it's groin or anything?" when she said it was a girl and she said "no, it's legs are open and no scrotum sack" ! Have mainly bought neutral stuff though just in case, lol!! We are having a 4D when i'm further along, as they look amazing. x
  • congratulations! lovely picture. and what a surprise for you. i will have to make sure i ask all the right questions if we can find out tomorrow image xx
  • Aw Congratulations! What a lovely picture! Must have been a shock to go from a girl to a boy...we were quite lucky...it was quite obvious on the scan it was a boy, lol!
  • congrats hunny the pic is great.omg good job you had the extra scan hunn you have me panicking now at my scan they said it was a girl but not 100% so i took that to mean it was a girl as my 2 other babies were girls and was never told wrong if it is a boy he will have a lovely complex as im having a pink pram lol
  • i will book mine mon how far are u? - I am 24+6, I really would get it done, its fantastic!

    Here are some more of them for you


    A little yawn for you all


    As to all your other questions, yeah I had bought loads lol. I had a rail of pink but now its all gone back and there are some wicked bits for boys! I have some great blue bits.
    People keep saying aww are you disappointed? How on earth can I be disappointed, he had 2 legs 2 arms and a heart beat...and he is dam cute just like he's dad! lol I can see both of us in him from the pics...so bloody clever!

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  • Must take after he's Dad for flexability cause I'm pretty sure my leg don't go no where near my head! lol


  • aww he's so cute! Congratulations on your blue bump!
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