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Hi Girls,
Everyone who's on the july forum will prob be sick of this post but hooray iv finally got 99days to go till my baby's birth. Feels like iv reached another mile stone so just thought id share my happiness and excitement with everyone. Think these next 99days are gona fly by. Its really annoying me tho that my tickers are still saying 100days wen its set at the same date as Baby Expert thingy (2nd july). Oh well. Iv still got 99 things to do to prepare for baby so i best get a move on, ha ha ha ha. Kerry xxx


  • congrats kerry!!!
    i have 51 days!!! im so scared!!!!!
  • Aw that's great, hope the time goes quickly for you! It's so exciting when you get below a certain number of days left.

    I'm less than 40 days now (39) which sounds like no time, but then I think it's nearly 6 weeks and it seems like ages!

  • I feel abit obsessive but its only over the past few weeks that iv bin excited about this pregnancy and i really cnt wait until this baby is born now i get wait to meet it. Not long now for both u girlies and ur right lea77 it does sound more wen u say it in weeks (iv got 14left, ahhh!) .Kerry xxx

  • lol kerry i posted out on april forumwhen i had 100 days left ! and it seems like yesterday!! plus again at 50 !!
    now im on 29 days by baby expert but tickers always says different !! good luck !!!


  • WOOO! same as you jema!!! 4 weeks 2day, beginning to panic a bit coz me & my bro were early with my mum n i've had a feeling this me lo is going to follow after me!!! n i was born at 36 weeks!!!


  • yay congrats on countdown. Me i have 169 days left seems sooooooo far away.


  • i have 24days togo whoooo!!! im 37wk on thursday 3 n half weeks togo but could b up2 5wks if hes late like his sister.
    abbie,hope+bluebump 36wk+4
  • Glad to see im not the only one who is counting down even if it is ages ways. Kerry xxx
  • WooHoo kerry nearly there i have only got 24 days til mine says the same lol but it seems ages away but it will soon fly in with my first it seemed to take ages but with second it flew by and this time round i feel like if i blink i will miss it lol does anyone else feel like this? or is it just me?
    vikki xx
  • I'm almost there - only 3 days to go image
  • 91 days left for me!!! Am sooo nervous & excited!! Can't believe how the time is flying by!
    Sarah xx
  • congratulations everyone. i can't start counting yet still got soooo far to go lol xxx
  • congratulations everyone. i can't start counting yet still got soooo far to go lol xxx
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