Ready to share my story - final visit.

Okay so for my own purpose im writing this down to help me with what i've been through. I know it may not be the right forum to be put in but this was where i spent most of my time and feel that you ladies will understand.

I had been spotting on and off through jan but wasn't that concerned as i was in no pain and felt pregant. On Sun 27th Jan I began to bleed heavier so went to a&e, they did a scan then but could not see anything and advised me to have a scan on the Jan thursday 31st. I spent the days up to that scan in a right mess convinced that it was over. Work let me have the week off as i was so stressed. I went for my scan and everything appeared fine - a heartbeat was found but i was asked to return in two weeks on feb 14th to confirm everything was okay. I returned to work on feb 4th but was signed off with stress/depression on the 6th as i wasn't coping having to wait two weeks to know if everything was okay as well as having the stress of having to move out of our home. On feb Sun 10th i began to bleed heavily again and was advised to go to a&e, the doc examined me and said everything was fine and booked me in for another scan the following day. I went in on mon 11th for a scan and was told to my baby had no heartbeat but legally they could not tell me i'd m/c untill I was so many weeks and that i would have to return on the 14th for another scan. So more waiting, crying and stressing. I returned on the 14th to be told it was over and although i'd been bleeding for over 3 weeks it had not come away naturally and as last time i had m/c the tablets had not worked it was suggested that i have the operation.

I went into hospital yesterday at 8am. I had been bleeding very heavily that morning and my hospital gown had got completely soaked in blood before i even went into theatre but the nurses were gr8 and sorted me out. I had violent shakes for half an hour after coming around from the op and then was given morphine due to the pain that eventually settled and I was due to go home two hours later but due to low blood pressure was unable to so that called my hubbie to come and sit with me. I was eventually able to go home at 5pm and all i did that evening was sleep for england.

Today i feel a lot better my pelvis is very sore and im finding it hard to walk as i had my anti - d injection (attempted 3 times!) in my right hip - ouch! but other than that just glad it's over. It' been a very long drawn out experience which i don't think i'll ever 4get.

Thankyou to everyone who offerd me kind words and support - especially Tigerlily. We are going to start trying again very soon but i've decided not to return to the site - well not till im at least 4/5 months pg. I had to share my story for my own mental health if nothing else. Bye everyone and enjoy being preganant.


  • hi my heart goes out to. i also had mmc last april and had erpc. it took me 7 months to get preg again and all i did was worry until 12 week scan and saw all was ok. im now 16 wks and all looks good although bled twice.

    take care of yourself and take time to grieve and mentally recover. hopefully we will see you back on here in the not too distant future.

    big hugs becsxxx
  • HI babe, so sorry to hear that, but hope that you are feeling well enough soon and can't wait to hear from you in the future with some much deserved happy news! Take care, Tammi
  • Sorry to hear your sad story funky monkey, hope to see you on here soon preparing for a 2009 baby. All the best. Kerry xxx
  • Sorry about your loss, and if this message doesnt go down too well but there is a "Miscarriage Support" Forum for posts like this, Im sure not everyone wants to read this in a Pregnancy forum.
  • Babe,
    Am sorry to hear how awful your last few weeks have been. I have been reading your posts and hoping that all would work out well for you.
    Take care of yourself hon!
    Love Lee
  • So sorry sweetie, hope everything goes well for you in the future.
  • Hey hun, I was very saddened to hear your news, I was so thinking & hoping it would work out for you. Just wanted to say best of luck for next time and don't ever lose hope because there are plenty of women on here who have had 2 mcs or more and are now pregnant with a healthy baby. I guess that doesn't make it easier but I think ur really brave to go through all that and then pick yourself up and start trying again. You can have all my sticky babydust in the world and let's hope all you've been through means a dead easy pregnancy and birth next time round xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi funky monkey. I know words won't make you feel any better at the moment after all you've been through, but I didn't want to read and run. I'm sending you the biggest hug and wanted to just say that time is a great healer and although, like you so rightly say, you will never forget what's happened, hopefully you can move on in time and look forward to conceiving again and having a happy and healthy pregnancy. Thinking of you and holding you in my prayers.

    Serena xxxx
  • Hi FunkyMonky
    I'm sorry to hear your sad news and want to wish you & OH well and hope all goes well in the future.
    Take care, Sarah xx
  • Take care funky monkey.
  • hi hun, i understand what youve been through having a mc myself. hope you and oh are ok, stay strong for eachother and i wish you all the luck in the world for next time
    take care, love shaz xx
  • So sorry to hear your news. Take good care of yourself and good luck in the future xx
  • Oh you poor thing! I hope you get lots and lots of rest and are back here very soon after a 20 week scan showing all OK. I know what you mean about not coming on here as can get bit obsessive. did not have to read it. She came on here for support not a lecture> I am sick and tired of people been nasty on here. We are all here to support one another. MC happen, stillbirths happen, bad things happen. Get over yourself. Funky monkey..if you read that comment please dnt let it upset you. All the other messages on here are supportive so ignore it!
    All the best to for your future
    d x
  • Sorry to hear of ur loss and love and thoughts go out to u and oh.
    Adele xxx
  • had to reply so so sorry for your loss i cant imagine your pain. i am however disgusted that someone will post a comment like mikayla. i have been a member of this forum for over a year now and have recieved nothing but suppory and im sure other ladies will agree. im sure funkymonkey knows there is a miscarriage support forum but im also sure that she has been having support from others leading up to yesterday. we are all here to support each other whether its ttc pg or baby and god forbid mc. but its not all joy and sunshine and if someone needs support then they shouldnt be condemned to another forum in case they upset someone!!! i think funkymonkeys post heading says it all and if you didnt want to read a sad story then dont open it!
    **phew climbs off soapbox. perhaps its being at work at 7am on a sunday?**
    anyway good luck for your future and i hope you will return happy and healthily pregnant hun xxxx
  • hear hear hayley!!!!
  • Just wanted to come on to say m soo sorry to hear of ur loss and good luck for the future. Take care of yourself xx
  • Funkymonkey

    I'm so sorry to hear your sad news - I didn't get to know you but feel your pain. I too had a m/c last June and know what a tough time it is and how cheated you must be feeling.

    Build yourself up physically and I hope to see you back on here very soon (we waited for one period and I managed to get pg before the next one).

    Lots of hug and luck to you
  • Im so sorry to hear that funkymonkey. I'm sure you will get your well deserved baby soon. Take care xxx
  • just wanted to post a sorry to hear the bad news and a i'm thinking of ya huni. had a mc jan last year and made me very low at time i didn't know about the site image good luck hugs
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