"Double Checking" the sex

Morning ladies,
I just wondered if any of you who found out the sex of your baby at the 20 week scan went for a 2nd private/4d scan to double check?

We are still undecided as to whether to find out the sex or not, but I have said that if we do, we will have to get a private scan later to confirm the sex as I dont want to buy everything for one sex and it turn out to be the opposite!! Will this work do you think? My reasoning is that if two different people have seen it at different times, then surely they cant both get it wrong???

Thanks in advance



  • Hey Becks,

    how you doing hun? We are definately finding out the sex at the 20 week scan and I am going to get a second opinion about 6 weeks after that whe I'm in Cape Town....It def wouldn't hurt to be doubley sure...

  • Hi Nat,
    Im good thanks, and you? When do you fly to Cape Town then? Thats going to be a long flight! Im going to Gran Canaria at the beginning of November and that will be just over 4hrs flying time - I just hope my ankles dont swell up to be cankles!!!! :lol:

    I think we probably will find out the sex but just keep it between ourselves maybe....

  • Hi Becky,

    We found out the sex at our 20 week NHS scan, then booked a private scan for a couple of days later. I wanted to double-check the sex, and to get a better look at our son, as the NHS scan was so quick xx
  • Hi hun,
    i went for my 20 week scan and they told us that they couldnt tell, so we booked 2 different 3d scans to check, and they both told us we was having a girl! i think its a good idea to have a second scan to confirm the sex, because it will deff put ur mind at ease!

    Love Steph 37+1 xx
  • Becks, I leave for Cape Tow on Dec 19. I wil be 24 weeks when I go and I was told I should be fine....need to make sure I get an aisle seat and have lots of fluids and walk around a lot....I'm having the 4d scan when I'm 26 weeks, just before I fly back...was thinking of keeping it to ourselves as well, but not sure hubby can do that...he wanted us to call my mum on Friday when we got back from the hospital....it was 4:30 in the morning their time...when would you have your private scan if you went for it?
  • I was told I was having a little boy with my 2nd....but she was a girl!In Spain they will tell you as soon as they have an inkling,in my case my 10 week scan!I then had one at 14 weeks and turns out she wasnt a he!She had her umbicial cord between her legs!!I think its good how they wont tell you too early in the UK or else there would probably be many others like me!I had to have a 4D scan just to confirm it....I was worried they had it wrong again!x
  • I had a 4d scan just to double check...as the sonographer at my NHS said 'she thought it was a girl' :\? but then she maybe wrong.
    So had 4d scan which was brilliant and they confirmed for deffinate that it was.
  • Hiya Mrs S

    My sister did this, they found out at their 20-week scan and then had a 3D scan a bit later on to confirm.

    With their 2nd, her little boy, she didn't have the extra scan as the sonographer was a million % sure it was a boy (i.e. couldn't miss it!!!)

    Good luck! We're waiting so just buying whites and creams!

  • my hospital wont tell you the sex
    so i had a privet 4D scan done at 24 week, then i bought most of the stuff i needed except pram and clothes. i then had a privet reasurance scan at 31 weeks and it was a difrent person that done it so i had her double check the sex for me just to be on the safe side, even though on the first scan it was clear it was a boy, they were able to point out all the bits for me x
  • Hi Jodie

    Where did u get your scan done?
    Sharon x

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