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YIPEE im so excited now.

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  • Congrats hunny

  • Yay!! I'm so pleased for you. I have my scan next Tuesday but we're not finding out the sex. I really don't mind if we have a girl or a boy. But congrats on your blue bump!! xxxx
  • yay!! lol same as me! xxx congrates!! xx
  • Congratulations hun!!! i'm convinced ours is a boy but we'll find out for sure on the 26th!! So pleased for you darlin, bet you're on cloud 9!! xxxx p.s. bet you're bloke's well chuffed with the sonogrophers comment lol mine would be strutting around for days!!
  • Hi there, congratulaions babe! Really happy for you both!
  • congrats really pleased for you
  • Congrats!! So are you going to have a big shopping spree now? xx
  • Congrats babe!

    That is brill news! I am having a boy too and there are some absolutely gorgeous little outfits out there (Next)!!!!

    Have you chosen a name for your little boy??

    Love Lee
  • Congratulations!
    You seem chuffed so this is obviously something you were hoping for, i'm delighted you've had a bit of good news!
    Lauren (36+2) xxx
  • congrats! thats lovely for you both!
    Have you got any names in mind or is that gonna be the next stage!?
    Sarah xx
  • Congratulations, so please you are so happy, lots of spending now!
    Good luck
  • hi just wanted to say yes definitly going on a shopping spree now, i really wanted a little boy as i miscarraiged one when i was younger and have dreamed about having a little boy ever since. YES IM ON CLOUD NINE!

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  • My eldest son is called Keiran Patrick so obviously I love your choice of name hon!!

    He has never had any problems with anyone taking mickey out of his name and he is nearly 15!

    Go for it babe
  • oh thanks thats really great. see after all you have helped me through oldermum you must be good if im thinking the same name. yeah its definitly on top of my list now. thanks.
  • Congrats on your little boy, i am having a boy & we love the name kian !! We decided on thomas in the end, i love the irish names but my hubby wasnt too convinced because i spent a lot of time in Ireland with my Ex-boyfriends family so he didnt realy want to go down the irish route - even tho he loves the name xx
  • i really want a name that will mean something that we can realate to and ciaran means black in old irish. and my child will be mixed race so id like something that means something special. Does anyone think calling my child something realted to his colour would be bad???
  • NO NO NO its not bad! It really it a lovely name but you know I am biased lol

    Love Lee
  • thanks lee.

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  • no honey i dont think u need to worry about that, most people wouldnt know that anyway so it would only be the people u choose to tell who would know thats a reason u picked it. sounds lovely, and definitely burke-gachette. take care xxx
  • thanks everyone! removed.

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