Hi! just got my BFP today & am hugely excited!! now need to think about whats next! can anyone recommend any good pregnancy books? really didnt think i'd get my BFP so soon so havent read up enough on it!! Thanks x


  • Congratulations!!! Next step is to book an appointment with your gp/midwife. But for now just relax and enjoy your BFP!!! I didn't bother with pregnancy books first time round. You should be given a pregnancy book at your booking in app. I did buy alot of magazines though!
    Have you worked out your due date yet? xxx

    Cat 11+6
  • ah, great thanks! will book an apptmnt asap! might take a look at the magazines over the weekend - thanks for the tip!
  • hi and welcome! yes definitely get some magazines. xxx
  • had a quick look at due dates, think its probably 2nd Oct, last period started 26/12 - is that right?
  • Hi dodo

    congratulations! and welcome to the site, everyone on here is great and full of useful advice and willing to listen to your moans and groans!!

    your due date can also depend on your cycle length, try http://www.babycentre.co.uk/tools/duedate/

    my favourite pregnancy book is one called 'EXPECTING Everything you need to know about pregnancy, labour and birth' by Anna mcGrail and Daphne Metland. a friend lent it to me when i first found out i was pregnant, and she hasn't got it back yet!! although it doesn't have any pictures so i got another one out the library that does, can't remember what it was called.


    aileen xx


  • hi congrats and welcome !! x you will get loads of reading material from your mw at your booking appointment and like already said the baby magazinesa re brilliant xx

    chloe 29+4
  • Congratulations!! image like the others have said the baby magazines are great and your midwife should give you a text book type thing when you meet her! xxx

    Hannah 29weeks today image

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