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I just read that you were giving birth at East Surrey Hospital, so am I?

Where abouts are you from?



  • Crawley. Where are you?
  • hey hey sorry it's taken so long to reply I haven't been able to get online

    I live in Horsham although I am orginally from Dorking image

    Have you heard any good story's about East Surrey? I'm getting really nervous now and need reassuring lol

  • Hi hun. Though you'd been abducted by aliens or something :lol:
    My three sisters had their babies in east surrey and I was at the birth of my niece (almost 3 years ago)
    I thought the midwives were brilliant with her.
    My other niece was born 16 weeks early and weighed 2lb. The staff were excellant with my very frightened sister.
    Having seen the inside of the maternity dept I feel better about having my baby there. I had my son at Crawley hospital so I figure anything else has got to be better than that place.x
  • Oh no not Crawley hospital what a nightmare.

    You have reassured me a little, I am looking forward to visiting there though. As long as there is a nice person with an epidural to hand I'm sure i'll be fine lol image

    I know Crawley quite well but don't go out there as it's a bit rough :S Have you always lived in Crawley? is this your first?

  • I moved away from crawley when I was 10 then it called me back when I was 16. Been here ever since.
    I live in southgate. Maybe next time you're in town we could meet up if you like.x
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