Irrational fear of swimming

Ok girls I would like you to shoot me down!

I am currently 4 + 4 and really want to try and not balloon in my pregnancy, I am a tall girl and quite curvy so I have the potential to get huge.

I was going to go swimming as a form of exercise but my irrational brain thinks it might harm the baby. I was thinking in the old days women used to 'flush' themselves out if they wanted to get rid of a baby, so surely water can get in.............

Yes I know I am prob being silly!!

(Geeez i've not had a bikini wax in over a month for fear it could do something haha)


  • Hi there, and congrats!

    I think it shows how much you care about your baby already to be a little anxious about these things.

    Midwives would recommend swimming as a good excercise in pregnancy.

    Although its good to want to stay healthy try not to worry too much about weight gain, as long as you keep eating the right foods and taking gente exercise you should be able to get back into shape after the birth. (and don't forget those pelvic floor exercises too)!

    Jo xx
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