NCT Classes - Anyone enrolled?

Hi. I just wondered how useful these are? How far along should you be before you enrol? How many weeks do they run for?


  • Hiya. I was going to go for the NCT classes. You have to book in pretty early, I sent an email via the website around 22 weeks and was told i'd left it a bit late and she had one space left for the sessions. Decided not to go for it in the end due to costing, but would have liked to. The one near me was a four week course.

    Good luck. xxx
  • Hi Julie.
    I registered at about 12 weeks and went on a 6 session course at 26 weeks.
    It was fantastic. So informative. It was a small group of 5 couples and we are now all in touch and meeting regularly. We meet in the evenings with our partners once every two weeks for a meal or out for a 'drink' and the girls meet up for coffee in the day (those of us who have now started maternity leave). We will all be in touch after the births as well and go to the NCT coffee mornings as well as organising our own meetings. It's so good to make some friends who are local and in the same boat as you!
    The sessions are very intense (one was a whole day) but really really good.
    Highly recommended.

    33+3. x
  • Just gatecrashing really as I had my little one 7 months ago but wanted to say NCT classes were the very best thing I could have done. Now, 7 months on, I don't know where I'd be without all the friends I made in my classes - we get together at least once a week, there is always someone to help with advice and support. Everyone is going through the same thing at pretty much the same time, we've even swapped talents in these cash strapped times. I trade my photography skills for a free hair cut, we regularly babysit the other babies and also enjoy our new mums (albeit infrequent) nights out.
    This has absolutely been the most invaluable part of the classes, coz no matter what you learn labour will come and then go, babies arrive and then it's down to the business of wondering what you do with such a tiddly thing for the rest of it's life!!!!
    Although I really do love my Quinny Buzz, the money spent on the NCT classes were the best investment!!!!
  • Oh and something else..... you don't have to pay full price for their course. If you want to attend but genuinely can't afford the fee they will consider reducing it, or even providing free in some cases so it's always worth asking.
  • Thanks everyone. I'll make some early enquiries about availability in my area. It sounds like they're popular so don't want to miss out if I can help it. Julie.
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