Strange question - Fishnet tights?


I know its an odd question! Does anyone know where i can find some maternity fish net tights in a size M-L?

Ive looked in Mothercare, Marks n Spencers, Mamas and Papas and a few online but cant find any

Just going to a wedding in a few weeks and have a black dress so ideally wanted to avoid fully black tights and possibly "spice" up the look slightly with some fishnets!

Please help!

21+6 xx


  • Hi honey, have you tried ebay? Or if not perhaps just a larger size of non maternity might work. Its annoying isnt it, most places seem to think you lose all sense of style as soon as you become pregnant! Hope you find some x
  • Hi lynz

    Thanks for your reply, i did try ebay and they`re all just black or opaque ones! It is really annoying isnt it!

    I think i might have to go for normal ones, im really short too so find that when i go for bigger ones they tend to be really long and i get the Nora Batty look, hmm attractive

    thanks again hun

  • I have that problem! I'm 4'11, so tights always fall down! But its been a good thing since being pregnant because the waistband pulls up all the way over my bump instead of sitting around the middle which i find uncomfortable. Primark do good fishnets, and are really cheap, so if they dont fit you wont have wasted too much money! xx
  • Maybe you've already thought of this, but how about hold-up fishnet stockings? I'm not sure where to get them, but I'm sure plenty of places would sell them. Maybe Fenwicks would be a place to start? I think I might have seen them in there.
  • why not instead of fishnets go bold? and get a bright pair of tights instead? or leggings with a black dress would be nice make a statement! i went to a posh do the other week had a black meternity dress Red pashmina and red tights. looked wicked! with black peeptoe shoes! xx
  • Have you tried Hennes? They had some last year.

    love Upsy_daisy+bump's idea!
  • thanks ladies, theres some great ideas here!

    I do like the idea of the red tights, my dress also has some red in it so would go perfectly, just dont know if i have the confidence to pull them off! Im feeling huge at the moment (not pregnant fat just fat fat), will have a good look at them tho.

    Primark is a good idea, maybe i could trim the waist band a bit so its a bit looser.
    Id love to get away with hold ups but for some reason i never seem to be able too.

    Thanks again, ive got some good ideas now!xxx
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