would love to tell !

hi all,i would love to tell me whole family that i am pregnant,but th only persons knows is my partner.i am going for a scan in 2 weeks time,is it best to tell my family and freinds now, or wait when i have my scan, as i dont know what to do,


  • Would you tell your friends and family if you mc? Are you superstitious? I told close family and was glad I did as I mc and found it was easier that they knew as I wouldve told them I had mc anyway.

    Congrats on your bfp! xxx
  • Its personal choice. I told close family before scan but everyone else after. Some people prefer to wait for reasurrance that scan brings.
    congrats, have a happy healthy 9 months xx
  • Hi! I too would LOVE to tell my mum and my best friend - my mum will be so excited and my best friend is just about to start ttc her second so it would be great to ask her advice on things - but I'm not telling anyone until my 12 wk scan.

    Purely for the reason that if something (god forbid) happened and I mc'd - then I wouldn't want to have to tell people ... if you see what I mean. x
  • I'm 8 + 4 and I have told our parents, siblings and some very close friends, and my boss, purely becos I was desparate to tell, and also these are the people I would tell should the worst happen!
  • I'm starting to think that maybe I should tell my mum ... just to have someone else to confide it - I think I'm driving DH up the wall ... but I'm only 5+4 so really don't want to get too carried away yet ... maybe in a few weeks !

    Although saying that, in 3 weeks we are going on holiday with some friends - its going to be a challange keeping it from them ! Especially as (a) I won't be drinking (although I've already told my friend that I'm giving up drinking in March in order to "prepare my body for ttc" - ha ha) but we are meant to be having a spa morning ... DH said I'll just have to book up a couple of treatments so I don't have "time" to go in the jacuzzi/sauna etc. I think I might have a pedicure then I can use the excuse that I've just had my nails painted !!!
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