sore down below sorry maybe tmi for some

for the past two days i have had a dull ache down there right underneath on my pubic bone. I had a hot bath last night to try and ease it but when i got out i could feel my pulse and it was throbbing similar to how a finger does when youve trapped/banged it. that stopped after a while but it continued to ache. today while walking about it actually started to hurt and it hurts more when i press my legs together. there is no tenderness when i touch it and believe me it hasnt seen any action for a while so thats not the cause. its not a screaming sort of pain but it is starting to piss me off and drive me a bit mad. any idea what it could be??? im 19weeks today so its not as if the baby is massive and pushing down on that area and ive already got one child.
oh n its bit embarassing when a friend or OH asks whats up with you and i cant exactly reply with "my fanny hurts" :cry:


  • hiya artgal,i recently done a post on this! it sounds the same to what im feeling, mines like a dull ache down there, mostly hurts when i get up in night or walk around and hurt when i squeezed my legs 2gever, i rang midwife and she said its prob baby just pushing down as he gets bigger, im a lil more u at 30 wks, but it sounds the same,obviously if ur worried go see gp/midiwife, but mines getting better by resting with my feet up, i hope that helps hun xx
  • Perhaps it could be the beginning of SPD hun it might be worth looking it up and see if your symptoms match.

    You can say your fanny hurts, at least that means they won't ask you again lol

  • sounds like it may be your ligaments loosening,start of spd maybe as caz said.I have this and im sorry to say it gets worse!I find sleeping on a doubled up duvet cover on top of your mattress with lots of pillows under legs helps alot.I was waking up in agony until i started doing this,hope this has helped hun xx

  • Hey there as the other mentioned it could be spd, it sounds like the pain I get. Would speak to your mw about it. My fanny hurts made me giggle!
    Tammi xxxx

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