Home alone- all weekend!

Well ladies, I have just dropped my Hubby off to go away on a stag weekend. He only decided he was going to actually go last night despite paying for it ages ago!

I feel a bit lost already! I am at work today but hoping to finish early as I seem to have picked up an awful cold and was up early taking him so want a rest!

I am out all day tomorrow meeting family in London to go to the theatre then staying over a friends house so I am not alone too long- this is a pregnancy thing, would never have bothered me before! Am then hoping to go shopping Sunday and he should be home later Sunday night.

And of course I have you guys to keep me company! :\)


  • hi, my dh is only away tonight and i refused to stay on my own, luckily my sister is more then happy to have a girly night with me. Although if i'd have been staying on my own i don't think dh would have gone, he's decided that because it's the last chance he'll have to have a night out pip will decide she want's to come tonight. Hope you have a lovely weekend sounds like you have some nice plans, it wouldn't have bothered me staying on my own pre pregnancy either
  • Oh, my hubby went away for 1 night last week and i just couldn't settle the whole time he was gone. I didn't have anyone staying with me except my cats, and they weren't much help, lol!
  • My hubby is on duty tomorrow for 24 hours (he's in the army) so will be staying at work but although I will miss him I don't mind staying on my own.

    When he first came home from Iraq we both actually struggled abit...

    He's on a course for 4 weeks when I'm 32-36 weeks and this doesn't worry me really either - maybe it will when he actually goes?

    Bec 29 weeks x
  • My husband is on a snowboarding holiday, he is home tomorrow but has been gone for TEN DAYS!!!! Soooo bored and sooo tired - Neve has a been an angel (although she did get up at 5.45 this morning!) but its been really hard work on my own looking after her with morning sickness!

    REALLY looking forward to a lie in this weekend!

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  • if my OH was away all weekend i'd be seriously bored. :lol: he works that much through the week that we rarely get time together and need the weekends to catch up...
    having said that I have an afternoon off tomoz and am planning on going to the flicks and to do a bit of shopping or pampering while he entertains the MIL who will spending the aft with OH and Ollie.
    Am quite looking forward to it, been ages sincce Ive had time to myself, and I wont have to put up with the MIL image

    there is always someone on here if you get bored, but it sounds like you have a busy weekend to keep you occupied though image

  • Sounds like you have a good deal there Stephe! My MIL has offered to come and be with me for the day 2 days before my due date if I havent had baby so Hubby can go to footie! I think if anything that will send me into labour!

    Have been getting txts from Hubby all morning, he met Gary Lineker on his easyjet flight! And has now landed, so am expecting the txts to wither get less frequent or more drunken!
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