What can I take for sore throat?

Hi guys,

Im 16 weeks and i'm really poorly. I have been feeling a bit heady for the last couple of days and my sinuses were blocked and then yesterday evening I developed a really sore throat.

I feel like there is something there but luckily the stuff im flemming up (sorry (TMI) hasnt any dark green or brown in so I think its not an infection. The thingy hanging down in my throat is to one side and its red and when I swallow and talk it feels like Im swallowing knives, as if ive got some thick bleech sitting there.

Ive been gargling Asprin but not sure if im allowed that, I feel rotten and dont know what im allowed to take, we live in a village and our chemist doesnt open sat so I got some strepsils from co-op which doesnt say im not allowed to take but if I know that there is definately something I can take ill send oh down to Brighton tomorrow to the sunday chemist




  • you can take paracetamol. gargle salt water (gross but can help clear infection). guzzle lots of cold stuff (ice cream/yogurt)
    not sure asprin is recommended in preg but not sure.
    hope you fee better soon xxx
  • hiya i had the flu really bad when i was early on aspirin isnt recommenede in pregnancy but you can take paracetomol i gargled with dissolvable before swallowing it, also gargle woth tcp and drinking honey and lemon will help you can also have tunes and halls soothers , i hope you feel better soon xx
  • You can also take Buttercup syrup and suck Strepsils had that about a month ago. But no you can't gargle the asprin! also what Chloe said Honey lemon and hot water too.

  • I had really bad sore throat last week and drank LOADS of honey and lemon. I'm convinced it helped. x
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