anyone had protine+++UPDATE

hello ladies,
just wondered if anyone has had protine+++ in there wee and what happened.
im due back in hospital tommrow after my 24h wee sample just wondered what to expect.
my blood pressure went down whilst i was in hospital yesterday
emm 34+1 xxxxxxx
just got back from the hospital i had more bloods done and a trace and they sent my water sample off just waiting for the results
blood pressure is normal
trace was good
They may send me for a growth scan on tue cause the nurse said she feels BIG for my dates.
i have to go back tue and take another 24h water sample in and more bloods ect.
they seem happy so i just have to chill out
im one happy bunny today
emma 34+2 xxxxxxxxxxx

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hello update again,
been in and out of hospital, i dont have pre clampsia but they think i have an under laying kidney problem that no one had picked up on.
my bloods are still adnormal and still have +3 in my wee.
im back to the hospital in the morn for trace blood pressure and wee sample then on monday i have a growth scan and a scan on my kidneys will let you all know how i get on.
emma 34+2 xxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Emma,

    I had protein in my wee with my 1st pregnancy, I was constantly admitted in to hospital as my blood pressure was high too. They'll check your wee sample and check the amount of protein and if it's high in concentration they may keep you in til you have your baby or if it's reasonably low then they may send you home and a midwife will check on you daily. Pre-eclampsia is dangerous so they have to keep an eye on you.

    I hope things go ok for you as I know it's not nice!!!

  • Hi Emma,i had protein +++ and high bp in my 1st pregnancy from 28 weeks and had my ds at 29 weeks and 3 days! They will keep a close eye on you and your bp although you maybe in and out of hospital from now until your baby is born!
    Hope all goes well with everything,feel free to ask any questions! Nikki x
  • hi nikki,
    i have to back on fri with my 24h wee sample blood pressure taken etc...
    im 34weeks so how long do you think they will let me go on for if its till high?
    if i still have protine+++ do you think they will keep me in a put me ona drip???????
    i will miss my daughter so much if i have to stay in
    emma 34+1xxxxxxx
  • If your bp is still high and you've still got protein in your wee they will probably keep you in to monitor you and go from there.You may be given tablets to stabilise your bp and also a steriod injection to help your baby's lungs,but this is all precautionary. Try and keep your stress levels down and i know that is easier said than done! Take care.xx
  • im surprised they havent kept you in. I had Protine+++ at 38+4 and I was admitted to hospital. I was told that unless it came down to under ++ I was staying in (very unlikely for protine to reduce when still pregnant!). I had blood tests done to see if anything was abnormal which it was and I was induced straight away. Make sure you rest as much as you can and try not to worry this can push your blood pressure up (easier said that done I know). I would be prepared to stay in. Thats alot of protine you have in wee!

    Good luck!

  • i cant remember how much i had in my sample on my first pregnancy but they said to me it was my waters leaking,so 6 hours later they popped my waters,i was 35wks pregnant,iam guessing it might have been higher than yours

  • Thanks girls,
    for the replys i have my bag ready i keep getting a bit terful thinking i have to stay in i will miss my daughter so much but i also want my baby to be ok,
    the nurse said drinking lots of water could reduce the amount of protine
    do you think she said this to keep me calm???
    im at home resting my daughter is at her auntie house till her daddy comes home.
    At 34+1 weeks if i had to have her soon do you think i would have a c-section or would i be induced?
    sorry for all the questions
    emma 34+1 xxxxxx
  • It all depends on how high your bp is whether they induce you or you have a c section.It's good that you are resting as that's all you can do! x
  • Hi there, I had 4+ of protein in my wee when i had pre eclampsia from 38 wks with my LO...was admitted several times overnight and released because my bp went down but finally admitted at 40 weeks and induced, failed induction so i had a c section at 40+3. Hope this helps. Good
  • Thankyou ladies,
    i will let you know how i get on tommrow as soon as i can.
    keep well
    emma 34+1 xxxxxxx
  • Good luck.xx
  • Hi honey,
    Just wanted to let you know it doesn't necessarily mean they'll keep you in and induce you before 37 weeks. I had protein of ++++ all throughout my last pregnancy, and have so far in this pregnancy too. They admitted me for monitoring when my BP was low or high, but when my BP was stable they were happy for me to continue. They don't know what causes it with me so it means I will prob be induced at 37 weeks, but if it's just the protein and no other nasty side effects which can be symptoms of more serious conditions, they may be happy for you to carry on at least to 37 weeks. Forgot to say-in my first pregnancy they left me until 40 weeks to induce.
    Carly 25+1 xxx
  • Hi,

    I've had protein + (of various levels) all through my pregnancy and only once have I been sent to hopsital although it was a HUGE waste of time ! I'm now 38+1 and only now is my midwife watching me more closely and thats due to me also getting swelling badly in hands and feet and some headaches but my blood pressure is normal. Protein in the urine can also be a sign of a bladder or kidney infection, its not always pre eclampsia.

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