14 weeks & brown discharge...

Anyone else had this?
It started last night with very mild cramping, like period pains.
Only a little when i go the loo and a tiny amount (spotting) in my pantyliner.

Anybody else had this and what happened?
I rang the hospital but they just said go to A&E. There is a 6 hour wait.
I am just going to rest at home unless it gets much worse.

Please advise....



  • i had that 3 days before i m/c go to te hospital and demand to be seen i let them talk me in to going home and then m/c better be safe than sorry x x
  • when I had bleeding with DS I went to A&E and was put at the front of the que, taken straight in, then up to the Early Pg unit. the six hour wait should not apply to you.
  • I had this from weeks 5 to week 11! It's horrible, and at one point it was heavy bleeding as well. I had 2 scans but no-one told me why I had it, and I'm now 25 weeks and everything is normal...just my body being weird I think.

    The nurses at the hospital told me I had a 95% chance of having a normal pg as I had scans, and just said that unless my bleeding was heavy there was no need to be seen again so I only went in again when it was heavy. When I was worried I called the dr's and they arranged my scans.

    Because you are further gone, it is more serious (don't mean to scare u, it's probably nothing but u cant put it down to implantation etc) so GO TO A&E and demand to be seen! Your baby's health is more important then feeling silly if nothing's wrong (sorry didn't mean to cause offence but that's how I felt I was being when looking back I should have been more demanding)
    x x x
  • Hi Katie.
    I'm fine thank you.
    I went to the hospital in the end and they listened to the heartbeat which was fine so they told me to carry on as normal. I have been back to work for 2 weeks and apart from worrying about every little thing, like driving in a bumpy car with hard suspension, eating too much chocolate, a dragging feeling in my abdomen and worrying if i sleep on my back or front etc etc... i am ok. Now 16 + 3.
    Thank you for asking, Its nice to know there are people here for me. xx
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