Can anyone tell me what is the difference between cold water, steam, microwave and electric sterillisers?
I've got no idea what type to go for or which are the best type!
I am gonna give bf ago but also want to be prepared if end up bottle feeding or expressing.


  • Hi,

    I have an electronic, steam steriliser. You give the bottles a good scrub and rinse them then put the bits'n'bobs in upside down before turning it on. I have an Avent one and I can set it up and leave it for 24 hours, popping bottles in and out as I need them. Every 24 hours I give it a good rinse etc and put fresh water in it. Then once every 2 to 4 weeks I use the citric acid sachets to clean the steriliser, prevents limescale build up (like you get in the bottom of kettles).

    I also have a cold water steriliser (from toys r us) that I dilute Milton in and leave things to sterilise, I'm not keen on the strong smell of Milton on the baby's things, it doesn't do them any harm though. I use the cold water steriliser for my lo's teething toys since they cannot be steamed.

    I decided against a microwave steriliser (although the cold water one can also be used in the microwave) because I don't trust my microwave. You know how when you buy the occasional ready meal and it says if your oven is 650 watts then this may minutes for 750 watts a few minutes less etc, well I prefer things to be more precise. My steamer was expensive but I'm glad I bought it, I'd say it's one of my best buys.

    I think you will find that most bottles, teats, dummies, breast feeding pumps, etc can be used in every different type of steriliser, just read the packets on things to check before you buy. Once I had decided on the Avent steamer I stuck to buying avent bottles, avent teats, avent dummies etc. so that I know that they fit in the little holes. I was given some Tommee Tippee bottles, I think they are to wide for the avent steamer but I haven't tried them.

    I hope that this helps. All the best, Denise xx
  • i also bought the avent electric steam steriliser, and having just put it away now my lo is 7 1/2 months i would say it was a god send.

    i bf but i still expressed and it was perfect for sterilising my pump and bit and bottles and bits.
    and it was fast, but also kept them sterile unopened for 24 hours, opened for 6 hrs... (or somethin like that)

  • I havent bought one yet but just to let you know the avent electric steam can be bought from babies ae us for ??50 with breast pump, bottles and other accesories (its called the baby box) thats what im getting! especially now with the above 2 recommendations!
    x x
  • Hi Listef, Avent have two different sterilisers the cheaper one doesn't have the 24 hour setting. Mine is the iq24, not sure what the other is called. The one that you mention above sounds like it may be the other one.
    Denise xx
  • im glad there are 2 recommendations for the IQ24 as thats the one i have just brought image it can get so confusing! & it doesnt take much to confuse me at the best of times!!
    i also got the IQ food/bottle warmer image and avent bottles (as a friend of mine works there and so i got it all at discount)

    gem x
    27 +3
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