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Can you eat smoked salmon slices in pregnancy, as I love it, but am afraid to eat at moment just in case??




  • Hiya,
    I was told to avoid smoked salmon cos there are things on the surface (little worms i was told) that aren't advisable to eat when pregnant. Which is a shame cos i love smoked salmon!
  • I have eaten loads of smoked salmon and I'm 20 weeks and everything is fine image I just eat what I feel like, I can't stand the "can I, can't I" it gets too confusing and then you start to feel guilty no matter what you eat.

  • Thanks for both your replies, I feel the same at the moment, people are always saying to me you can't eat that, I just want to eat the foods I like at the moment, as I am finding I am rapidly going off some foods I normally like.


  • years ago people use to just eat what they wanted and it never did any harm ( this is what my hubbys nan keeps telling me!!) xx
  • I was completely craving a smoked salmon sandwich so I had one, but made sure it was super-fresh. A good compromise might be hot-smoked salmon, as I'm sure I heard that when it's been cured by heat and the flesh looks cooked, it's safe to eat.

    Mmm - forbidden fruits - they become so tasty!! I'd love a great big seafood feast but keep telling myself it'll be my first post-baby treat meal!

    Can it be bad for you if you crave it?!?!?
  • After readin all the replies think i mite treat myself to a sneaky bit of smoked salmon!
  • i'm not a great fan of smoked salmon but it's really been annoying me that i can't just buy a pack of prawns n munch them for my lunch at work like i used to! are the whole food restrictions still applicable if you're breast feeding???
  • I was told that prawns r ok as long as they r properly defrosted if frozen and cooked. Think the main restrictions when b/f r peanuts if there are allergies in family and keeping alcohol to a minimum, altho haven't really read up much bout it yet
  • trouble is like munching prawns straight out of the packet! don't think i've ever had cooked prawns tbh!!! lol

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