Matb1 form and maternity pay! Sorry a bit confusing!

Hi all i just need a bit of advice, I was just wondering when i can ask for my matb1 form as i have 2 part-time jobs and as i do not quite earn ??90 a week from either but well over that together so i will have to apply for maternity allowance instead of SMP and i know i can't do this until i am 26 weeks pregnant but does anyone know if i have to give the matb1 form to my employers first? When i had my daughter i worked full time so it wasn't a problem but now i am pregnant again i am a bit concerned that i will not get all the maternity pay that i am entitled to because i do pay tax for one of my jobs but they deduct tax according to what i have earnt from both jobs not just one so i am also worried that they will pay me smp coz i pay tax through them and then then i will loose what i should get from my other job. I have worked out that i should get ??400 aprox a month if its based on both jobs but if one of my jobs wants to pay me SMP for what i earn with them and not the other job then i will get alot less than that. I am almost certain that i have to earn ??90 a week from both jobs in order to gert SMP from both so as i don't i should be able to apply for maternity allowance based on everything i earn right? I am so sorry if this is confusing i think its pregnancy hormones making me panic!!!! I did so much research on this before i fell pregnant and i was convinced that i would apply of Maternity allowance and that would it but i have heard a few people saying that it isn't very to do this and get what you are entitled to so now i am worried! so sorry again xxx


  • Hi. I think the info you want is here:

    The relevant paragraph is the one headed "Claiming if you still work for an employer"

    Looks like you need to give your matb1 form to both employers so they can decide if you qualify for SMP, then if not they'll give you a form to say so which you need to send with your claim for MA.

    It reckons the earliest you can get your matb1 is after the 20-week scan.

  • hi there

    i got my MATB1 from my midwife at my first appointment after 20 weeks and then gave that to my employer who had to then give me an SMP1 form stating the reason you don't qualify for SMP. (I didn't qualify as i hadn't worked there long enough). i

    i've just done my maternity allowance claim and the form asks you for all your employers details, how much you earn and you have to supply salary slips for a chosen 13 week period in the last 66 weeks (they will tell you the dates that this is in the accompanying pack.

    i'm sure by the time you've submitted all your payslips and forms it will be clear and with maternity allowance you won't be taxed on the money you are eligible for.

    you might want to look into the sure start grant too - not sure what the rules are but it's about ??500

    good luck
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