Hi guys im a bit worried about bump about 2hours ago i got a stabbing pain it was so bad it doubled me over then it eased only to happen again but not quite as bad since then ive only had about 5movements from baby and alot of bh im wondering if i should call hosp to get checked but dont want to bother people if the bump is just having a quiet night any advice thanks
Lin 29+1


  • ooh Lin hope u ok. mayb best just to call hosp to be on safe side. if u explain to them whats happened they may be offer to offer some advice, afterall they're the experts!! They'll know what to do....
    keep us posted....
  • ouch lin, i think u'd be best to give them or ur mw a call not just because of the lack of movement but also the sharp pain u describe. i'm sure bump is fine but it never hurts to make sure and as tanroe says they are the experts and it is their job so do not worry about being a bother to ppl.

    xx 29+3
  • Thanks guys i've just rang and she said keep an eye on movements and if it happens again to call back but i dont need to go in just tell mw at next appointment which is on the 8th so fingers crossed it dont happen again im drinking a very cold drink with ice now to see if i can get her moving a bit more as she usually goes mad at this time of night.
    Happy new year everyoneimage
  • hi, hope all is well and she starts moving about. happy new year. xxx


  • poke your belly that always works for me- LOL maybe shes just having a little power nap- ready to see 2009 in, in style!!! well hosp dont sound worried which is good! keep us posted
  • hey Lin, i hope all is well and shes moving lots for you. take it easy xx

    Happy new year!!
    Hannah 25+4 xx
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