Girls do me a favour have a look on your ante natal notes and see what your babys heartbeat is. On mine up until 28 weeks just says FHHR then after it has a nunber for example at 29 weeks it says FHHR140 bpm at 34 weeks it says FHHR138bpm and at 36 weeks it says FHHR140bpm. I read somewhwere that a girls heartbeat is faster than a boys. So many of you know the sex of your baby i just thought it would be interesting to see if there is anything in it or is it just another old wives tale! I didnt like to ask my midwife in case she thought i was mad! Also on your homepage did you fill in about guessing sex of your baby and were any of you correct. Mine came out i was expecting a girl. Thanks for your time girls x I


  • Hi just had alook at mine and at 28wks the heart beat says 130-145, thats the only time they have listened as ive had quite a few scans. I dont know the sex of my baby but if the predictor is right im having a girl.

    Sara 34+3
  • Thanks sara ooh how exciting i laugh if they all come out the same! Have you got any suspicions what your having. Some people tell me they were convinced they knew i havnt got a clue!
  • I am convinced its a boy!! but i think thats because I have 2 boys already and I would really like a girl but i cant see it happening. Aslong as the lo is healthy and happy we will be too. How far gone are you?
  • I am 36+1 like you as long as lo is healthy im not bothered as this is my first and probably last! Did you have any different symptoms with this pregnancy or is your shape different?
  • hi i filled out the home page on sex of the baby when i was 9 weeks and it was right its a girl. from then on i kept doing it and always a girl. yes girls heart beat is faster than a boys now 34/5 x x x
  • Hi when i had my daughter she had a low heart rate sometimes below 100 bpm so i had to go for regular scans.My sons heartbeat was always between 136-145 bpm so i think that its just an old wives tale.I did the home page predictor with lo and it said a girl and i had a boy and this time it says im having a boy but dont know yet will have to see when i have my 20 week scan.
    vikki xx
  • Always felt the same during pregnancies, only felt sick, sore boobs ect. However this time im carrying alot lower and my bellybutton has popped which has never happened b4. I just put it down to already having 2 children.

    Why your last? I said that after having my first (his 12 now). I noticed your from Tamworth I was originally from Cannock but moved 3yrs ago.
  • I'm convinced that i am having a boy this time - had girl last time, was very sick and moody and this time i have had pretty much no sickness, feel ridiculously happy all the time, haven't gained weight anywhere but bump, and weirdly i have grown hair all over my tummy! I read somewhere that increased body hair is a sign of a boy cos its the testosterone that causes it to grow. Has anyone else had that happen and then had a boy? I hope i'm right or else i'm just turning into a giant peach!!!
  • I have a very hairy belly!!! My oh says its like a pigs back....charming i know.
  • I don't have a note of babys hb yet but I did do the predictor, and I too appear to be having a girl. Seems to be the year of the girls!! x
  • Hi claudia i had a hairy belly with both my lo and this time round, i have a boy and a girl but having said that my belly was more hairy with my son and this time its really hairy again and i feel the same as when i had him so i think im having another boy, but will have to wait and see at my so week scan.
    vikki xx
  • I did the Chinese predictor and it said a girl. Also had amniotesis which said it is a girl. My Dr said the baby's heartbeat is 166 (seems pretty fast compared to others). However on my other 2 pregnancies had very fast heartbeat(about 150) and the nurses said they would be girls but they were boys.
    Also the first two prenancies I put weight on everywhere but this time with a girl it has mostly gone on my bump. Lastly this time I am alot moodier and very tired (but maybe something to do with chasing around after my two boys who are hyperactive)
  • I have a doppler and my baby's heartbeat can range anything from 130-170 - not sure if that's right!

    However on my antenatal notes it always says 140 or 150. I'm having a boy as well, so looks like the old wives tale is! x
  • OH MY GOD! You have to laugh becouse there is no pattern at all is there ah well i only have to have to wait few weeks and will find out keep them coming it keeps me amused!
    Sara i say its my last becouse ive had a really crap pregnancy and i am 35 this year if i wanted another id have to do it pretty quickly and dont know if im up for looking after a toddler at the same time as being pregnant but never say never i spose. Yes i know Cannock got a couple of friends who live there x
  • Hi everyone! I have disproved just about every theory there is. Bump's heart rate is quite high and all the other predictors said 'girl'. I was still convinced it was going to be a boy (unlike my friends and family) and I was right!!!

    Hels xxx
  • hello...I had scan to day and the lo was all curled up so we cant even guess! We didnt want to know what it was but for some reason hubby thought the scan pics revealed a girl but believes it maybe a limb what he was looking at. He was a bit gutted as we have chosen a boys name which he really likes! so i ahve told him we will have to discuss girls names at some point. It is probably a good idea that we cant tell so hubby can prepare himself for either or. We actually have no prefernace so long as it is healthy. I think it is more the name he likes rather than it being boys name! I ahve told him that we will not adapt the name for a girl as I would love to have a boy one day and call it this name we both love.

    As my pregnancy is going so well so far i doubt i will get another can. Can mw measure the heartbeat in my appointments with her or not? Just curious to know what teh heartbeat actually is! xxx
  • Ask your midwife i have heard they have very good idea from heartbeat what sex it is. But then it wouldnt be 100% acurate. Only other option is to pay private for a scan babe x
  • they havent put in my records what babys heart beat rate is.

    the baby sex predictor told me my first was a boy but i had a girl,
    and with this baby they told me im having a girl and im having a boy,
    with baby no 1 i filled out everywhere and had a more straight forward pregnancy,
    where this time i am all tummy and nowhere else lol but am having a more complicated pregnancy.
    my sister told me she thought i was having a boy cause when she did her babys heartbeat then my babys straight after my babys heartbeat was slightley slower and sounded more like a train lol.

  • Apparently baby boys and girls do have different hear rates but usually it doesnt happen until after they are born. They say boys range from 110-140 and girls 140-160. Sometimes it does work and babies do have a heart rate in the right range. My mum says my heart rate was 150 before I was born and my brothers was 120. My baby's is 140 so it's giving nothing away!!!! Boo!
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