CBFM - how many of you used it and how long did it take

hi there

We are running a little poll also but could you help us too

How long wher you ttc before you bought the cbfm

how many cycles did it take to get your BFP

Thanks for your help ladies x x


  • Hi honey,
    As far as I can remember, was trying for 6 months in total, and was using CBFM for the 3 or 4 last months. It confirmed to me that I ovulate later than average, and made me feel in control! Plus, I never got positives on OPKs which made me panic.

    Good luck xxx
  • thanks coco - i am having a really good month with it day 12 and 2 bars - last month wnet straight from low to peak then low again - no helpful.

    I had a really short lp also 9-10 days but this month with clomid and b6 i am set to ovulate on day 14 - woop woop!
  • But at least low to peak means you are ovulating. That's what I was paranoid about - especially after countless negative OPKs.... There's always something to worry about isn't there?!

    My LP was generally 8/9 days, once 10 days so I'm not sure how serious a problem it is - but I definitely felt the B6 helped - it definitely can't hurt.

    I have everything crossed for you xxx
  • I ttc 7 months, used CBFM for 6 months - got BFP the month we missed first peak and caught the second peak, I loved mine x
  • I was TTC for 7 months and used CBFM for one month then got BFP. CBFM did not help me get BFP though as it PEAKED really late in cycle as it picked up pregnancy hormones. I was so obssessed with seeing a Peak that it took my mind of BFP and was so shocked when my period was late. I think using a CBFM makes you feel more in control of whats going on.
  • I got my BFP first month using it, had been trying for 2 before that . Definately think CBFM worked for us, funny though now I'm pregnant they've dated me a week ahead which would mean that the CBFM was wrong and I OVd on the day of my first high!! Good luck x x
  • i was TTC for 4 months and used CBFM for 3 months!

  • During 2nd moth ttc with the cbdfm we got a bfp, but then lost it shortly after. I think it was due to my short Luteal phase which the cbfdm highlighted to me. Also helped cause my cycles were so irregular and could vary by 20 days sometimes. Only reason why I picked up the bfp was due to the cbdfm as still had a light af.

    Fourth month we got a bfp again. Had been taking extra b6 and folic acid since the previous bfp. Which extended my Luteal phase by one day.

    I had a light AF again, only reason why I picked up my bfp this time was because I was starting the cbdfm trial and it get you to do a POAS at the beginning of your cycle.

    Anway Im now 23+5!! The dates from my peak exactly match the dating from my scans.

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  • We were trying for 3 years and 3 months and then purchased a CBFM... used it for 4 months and it gave me my peak at the same time every month - the month I got my bfp I didn't use it - run out of sticks but I knew when I would OV in my mind so it helped me and my hubby loved seeing the little egg too... I also had folical tracking and the day I OV'd was the same day as I got a peak it was day 17 so it was right... worth the investment - good luck xx
  • Hi

    I loved this machine. WE were trying for 3 months used this for a month and found out i was OV much later then i thought and got BFP first month we used it. great xxx
  • We were trying for 6 months, and got our BFP in the 2nd month of using the CBFM. I did try OV sticks before the CBFM, but I didn't get on with them very well (although I found the CB digital ones much easier to read than the First Response ones).

    Good luck xXx
  • We tried for 2 cycles, the second with CBFM! BFP was a real surprise but like several others have said, I thought I was ov'ing earlier than I was so we were in fact missing it! I think my BFP was entirely down to CBFM and have since passed it onto a friend who started using it this month after ttc for 7 months with no luck. She thought she was ov;ing CD16 but on CD10 it went from low straight to Peak so she was over a week out with her ov;ing dates! I pray it works for her! And for you too! xx
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