OK, I know the answer to this really but you know when you just need to write it down and see someone else say it as well.

I am sat here almost in tears coz I am getting really bad pains all through my tummy. They are about every 20 mins and they are almost doubling me over.

Should I ring the hospital?


  • Hi hun! its proberbly abit late now but i would!! let us no...
  • Didyou go to Hospital Elsbeth? I hope you and lo are ok.

  • Please tell us you have been to hospital Elsbeth!!!

    I hope you and lo are ok - let us know when you can!!

    Thinking of you
    Love Lee
  • Morning ladies.

    Well yes I went not long after posting this.

    Ended up in delivery as they thought I was going into LABOUR.
    I am 22 bloody weeks.

    I swear me and my child are going to have the biggest falling out ever lol.

    Still not 100% sure what the pains were and am kinda still getting them but not as strong.
    They wanted to keep me in but I got quite upset as all I wanted was to be at home.
    They have agreed I can come home as long as I do NOTHING.. me do, nothing LOL.. silly people, and that if they get any stronger than what they were last night then I have to go straight back in and I will be staying were my doctors exact words.

    I am gutted. I really thought I was doing so well this pregnancy and it has all started again.
    Oh well, as long as she stays put I can handle it.. I think.
  • Please please please try and do nothing. I really hope everything works out ok, make sure you look after yourself hun.

  • Someones gonna bring mummy a lot of worry!!! Talk about start as you mean to go on - bless!!!!!

    Please try and take it easy (I know its easier said than done) - how come they let you home? Did the pains stop for a while or what?

    Fingers crossed for you babe!
    Take loads of care ok
    Love Lee
  • Yeah the last reading was almost a straight line on the contraction line so they were happy that it was a practice run and I wasn't dilating.

    She certainly is a little madam that is for sure.
  • glad ur ok elsbeth - take it easy. xx

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