omg heath ledger!

Omg I have just seen that heath ledger has been found dead in his apartment at 28!

I am shocked i know he has just finished filming for the new batman film as the joker!


  • its only just come up, they think it may be drug related!

    Its shocking 28 and had a 2 year old daughter.
  • omg I just read about it on the internet...

    his poor daughter, how do you explain to a 2 year old they won't be seeing daddy anymore, his poor family...

    I really hope it's not drug related but all the reports so far suggest it is...another river phoniex...

    so sad
  • i know some repoerts are also suggesting suicide!

    As someone that grew up knowing her dad killed himself when i was 3 it isnt very nice. I resent my dad for not being here for me and what my mum went through. I truely feel for both michelle and matilda.

  • Oh god I have heard about this...I feel for his poor daughter. What a waste of life, I hope it isn't drugs related.
    I'm sorry about your dad madnbella. It must be a difficult thing to go through especially growing up.
    Me & my oh were watching 'The patriot' when I first fell pregnant and he said 'Shall we call him Gabriel if it's a boy?' And I said yes...I'm having a seems like a bad omen to me! eek!
  • OMG! Heath Ledger is gorgeous! I fell in love with him when I watched a Knights Tale - havent heard bout this am going to put sky news on now.
    I am in shock - that poor baby!
  • He apparentley took an overdose of sleeping tablets - they said it was accidental. He was found in his apartment by his cleaner yesterday.
    I thought he was great. Its real loss for his little girl, family and friends and his fans.

    RIP XX
  • he has admitted in intervews back in november he took sleeping pills to help sleep as his mind is still working over time when he goes to bed, and he was not long split from michelle is daughters mum,
    i couldnt belive it when i saw he passed away, i first saw him in the film 10 things i hate about you and thought he was a grate actor and gorgous with a very sexy voice and accent, i feel so much for his family and his little girl, how do you explain to a 2 yr old she wont see her daddy again, i couldnt imagin he would have took his own life delibratley, but we dont know what was going on when he was off screen.

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